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  1. Well luckily for me I have no issue with learning and improving at anything. Haha. Just trying to find the right build to roll about with leveling is being a pain [Quite literally] in my wrist. I don't want to just give up and say this game isn't for me, because I like the look of it. [My life would be complete if it actually had valid controller support.] At least the pain on occasion would go away in my hand. Yes though, I want to improve and get as good as I can. Thats a pain in the backside. Sorry for that. Mine happened when I rolled off the back of a pickup truck because
  2. Thanks for most of the responses so far, you guys are awesome. I do have a gaming mouse with two buttons on the side. As far as the Ranger build goes, is it strictly long bow or does it also involve weapon swapping? I know I will have to get to used to that aspect as well in the future so I am curious. I have remapped several buttons so it's more comfortable on that aspect as well. From things I have read, isn't long bow rangers frowned upon? For instance if I tried joining a dungeon [Been told it might take a while to actually do that.] Would players be upset that I am running that?
  3. Thanks for the response. As I said though, not a fan of Necromancer. Plus I mean, I am not looking for something COMPLETELY passive like that. I still like involvement, I just cant do crazy involvement. 😛
  4. Thanks for the response! I should of said the reason I said my right hand is because I use the mouse with my left hand since I am left handed. Haha. So moving with the mouse isn't an issue, its pressing buttons that can be a pain and cause my hand to just have a mini seizure. :P.
  5. Hello all. Brand new to the game [About a week just testing different professions.] I am sure this has been brought up before, but I figured I would ask regardless. My right hand has nerve damage and partial atrophy due to an accident some years back, being so I can't really go crazy with pressing buttons non stop or my arm feels like a lava bender. Lol. That being said, I was curious if anyone has any builds that could be used for leveling that isn't button intensive due to my predicament? I have been told to try Necro out, but I just don'[t feel them. Never really been a necro fan.
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