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  1. This is mostly in reference to instanced PvE content. Tools, in general, is a weaker trait line than its competitors, Firearms and Explosives. You can run it, technically, but it's very sub-optimal except under very niche circumstances (So niche, in fact, that I can't think of many instances where it fits). Before I go into suggested changes, I think it's good to go over a few details: Themes of Tools: Usage of toolbelt skills, or in the case of mechanist, mech commnd skills. Usage of evasion, and keeping your endurance bar less than full. Also grants strike damage while under the effect of vigor. Engineering kits and Gadgets. Why isn't Tools used? Put simply, tools is used only with a core-condi engineer, a very high-demand build that doesn't put out nearly the kind of damage you could do with either Mechanist or Holosmith. In terms of strike damage, it offers some options, but its competitors are elite specializations (which are just in general stronger than any core traits), firearms (which offers more than enough with fury to crit cap with straight berserker's) and explosives, which has stronger traits that offer more strike damage in general. To bring tools in any situation is a catch-22, where if you're replacing firearms you need to trade power for precision, ergo losing strike damage; or you replace explosives or an elite spec, whose damage bonuses are just better. My proposed changes: For strike damage, it's just a numbers game; most things just need better bonuses-- Traits that either belong to Tools or have synergies with its themes. I'll break this down into these two categories starting with... Synergistic traits: (Explosions) Explosive Entrance - As this is a trait that refreshes on dodge, the only issue is that its damage costs an evade, and the exchange could be better. As such: Base damage 332 -> 555; Power Scaling 1.25->1.5; Critical hits now increase EE's damage by 50%. (This might be too much, in which case dropping the latter addition, or just lowering the numbers a bit might be a good way to balance this better.) (Holosmith) Thermal Release Valve - pretty weak in a lot of circumstances. Frankly, this trait could stand to have a lot of things buff it, but for right now, I feel like a great buff in general is, "Activates the trait Prismatic Converter once per interval (10 seconds). Vent Exhaust creates a single stack of Solar Focusing Lens after its effect. Vent Exhaust can now critically hit when above the heat threshold." Tools traits: Optimized Activation: Grants 3 seconds of vigor instead of 2 as Mechanist Static Discharge: Base damage 88-> 150; Power Scaling 0.33 -> 0.5; Streamlined Kits: Can now store charges up to 3 times. Excessive Energy: Now grants +10% strike damage when over the health threshold (80% health). You gain +250 power and condition damage while under the effect of Vigor. Adrenal Implant: Endurance regeneration 50% -> 75%. Kinetic Accelerator: While under the effect of superspeed, your conditions deal 15% more damage.
  2. A lot less changes from Ele, so It'll be way easier to give my prompted and wanted opinion. (You asked for it, Anet!) The notes are here for reference. Patch Notes: This one is less about the actual patch notes and more about just turrets in general. Phandrel managed to find the one way turrets are fun to play, but ultimately, I feel like turrets are due for a rework, as they way they play is just too flat. All the Engis here have probably expressed ad nauseam about their discontent with how turrets run at present, including myself. I feel like a lot of engineer skills (and possibly that of other classes) are getting their abilities to shove players removed. I don't feel as though that's a good way to go, personally, as it's just one less dimension that PvP can have to reward skill expression. I like this idea. Feels thematic. Make sure the stacks given are big enough for its cooldown, and it's golden! (Prolly 5 stacks, I think.) The attention being given to tool kit is neat. I feel like some of the abilities in here could be juiced a bit better than just giving them number adjustments, like how Magnet did. I'd personally love to also see more of it giving condi options. Grenades are cool, and they're fun to use, but they're basically mandatory at this point, especially for power. I'd say some number adjustments are due for things like bomb kit or flamethrower in PvE, or non-kit skills like Battering Ram or the aforementioned turrets. A hilariously fun addition, thank you. I cannot express enough that I appreciate this. I'd even go as far as to drop the cooldown on Elixir X so that it's much more usable. Even 85 seconds is too long-- Maybe something like 45 seconds for PvE. I do feel like it's still good for PvP/WvW, and an underappreciated asset, at that, because it's generally stun hell for enemies. You may also consider offering a stat bonus for each of the transformations, too. This is a tool for a gambler, after all, and people who play competitively or want to clear challenging content hate risk. I feel like making this a selfish trait is a bit of a waste. Scrapper, especially, struggles with providing fury, and could use the extra avenue from something like this. I do feel like a lot of classes are bringing their own fury, but some really count on it coming from their healers nowadays. Give it some thought. I feel like Holosmith is in a good place at the moment, and might not need these nerfs. Holosmith's not the highest benchmark on Snowcrows, and I don't recall seeing nerfs in the waiting for Willbender, who takes the two of the four slots above Holo. Likewise, it has a high fail rate (the likelihood of mismanaging your build/rotation and losing damage significantly as a result). I'm not a masterful Willbender, or even that familiar with the class, but I feel like it couldn't possibly have a higher fail rate than Holo at this time. Other notes: The engineer changes feel a bit like a mixed bag. A lot of the buffs are almost strictly with open world, and won't see much in terms of instanced content in PvE. PvP/WvW hasn't seen too much change, and I think that's fine, barring what I went out of my way to describe above.
  3. Continuing from my post here: Patch notes: Rock Barrier in particular has the issue of causing toughness imbalances in certain raid content, and I feel like it should be reworked to do something akin to providing pulsing barrier, or just doing a flat damage reduction. I think this is a good idea in general, though I'd be careful about how quickly these skills do their damage now. Keep in mind that the ideal trade off for the damage they do over time is the amount of time they take to do them-- In other words doing 2,000 damage over 2 seconds and doing 1,000 over 1 second are not equivalent. The latter is oftentimes (if not always) better, especially in competitive modes. In a similar vein, consider adding a similar change to Meteor Shower (Staff Fire 5). The nigh-four second time it takes to cast this renders it far too difficult to use effectively, especially on classes like tempest where overloads effectively give a deadline for skill usage in an element. I'm always ecstatic to see dagger buffs for ele. I just personally have a preference for how dagger plays over sword in general, though I feel like these only help it perform better as a healing weapon (with Karakosa). Awesome QoL additions, IMO. Not a terribly impressive change in my opinion. I feel like it would be better to offer this as a party-wide boon, at least in pve. The main issue with this is competes with fire for anti-condition (a theming that I love, by the way!), and with this change: It feels rather redundant. Speaking of, this new form of Diamond Skin is pretty cool, I think. Good work with this one. Might need a more thematic name. Good change overall, I think. I'd up the duration of the regen provided to 5 seconds or so, as the additional cost of a healing skill is quite a bit higher. A cool change, but overall I don't think it will change its usage in any game mode realistically. Water needs just a bit more before people will consider using it for strike damage. I like this idea, though I would just put it in for Soothing Mist instead. I don't think ad additional 300 vitality will encourage people to pick it any more or less than they do, especially in PvP/WvW, where I feel like aura-sharing is overall better. I'll go over all this at once since it can be summarized as, "More fury and protection from tempest". A fantastic addition, in general. Frankly, I forgot Gathered Focus had a health requirement, but good riddance, I think to that anyway. The only thing I'll note is that I feel alacrity production from overloads still has some QoL due, especially in terms of radius and a little in terms of the alac you get from the end of an overload. While I'm not quite a weaver aficionado, I feel like cooldowns at a certain point are more of a non-factor as my experience has been that you cycle between three elements, not staying long enough to use anything over 4-8 seconds cooldown twice, or have an issue with cooldowns unless they were something akin to 25+ seconds long, especially in terms of dual attacks, which cycle out the fastest. I spent an embarrassing amount of time looking for these under Weaver. Nonspecific notes: I feel that Ele in general could benefit from more condi and power options with core specialization via Arcane and Water respectively would be good for class diversity and for the game overall (Not just ele in this, but all classes). Hammer still feels like it's relatively weak, so consider giving it a bit more in terms of damage, especially strike, in PvE. Additionally, I feel like the dual-orbitals on hammer could be something flashier, possibly offering special grand finales specific to the two elements the weaver is attuned to. I feel like I'm asking a lot, but it otherwise feels pretty indifferent from any other specialization in that regard, and I found that a little disappointing, personally. Also, don't forget that while offering sceptre as a good power weapon is great, I feel like it should also stay as a good condition option, and even as a decent healing option (some of the selfish water skills could spread to allies, I think). Lastly, be wary of Warhorn. It's currently the de-facto only option in terms of offhand right now. I feel mostly that this is due to the amount of catching up dagger and focus has to do with it-- Dagger especially, since focus has a defensive niche attached to it.
  4. This is still possible, though a little more technical. If you deselect your targets, you will pass through them. I use tab to quickly reselect them after.
  5. So! New patch preview, and I'm excited to see a lot of these changes. I'll put a link to each of the profession-specific ones at the end of this one, but I'll put down the overall general changes and my response here. Good additions in my opinion. There's not much for me to say about these here. I'd also consider adding a lot of the PvP only stats to other game modes as well. Speaking personally, I've had more than a little disappointment when I couldn't use Swashbuckler or whatever in open world, and I don't think they'd overpower WvW. Class specific changes: Elementalist Engineer Guardian Mesmer Necromancer Ranger Revenant Thief Warrior (I'll edit these as I add them in)
  6. I like this idea, too. It's on flavor for engi, I think.
  7. I feel like one of the barriers to entry in PvP is that the meta builds to PvP are generally locked behind a paywall. Staff requires SotO, Dragonhunter is a popular choice, but requires HoT, etc. Go to metabattle, and you'll see that not a lot of builds are strong with just core, base gameplay. Core Necro and core Guardian are both more exceptions to the rule, and even they sometimes are better leveraging weapon mastery. By limiting people on the ability to make meta choices only by paying a fee, they lose interest in playing it entirely. That isn't to say that the expansions aren't worth it, but for a game mode like PvP, it's pretty hard divide. Pay up, or quit. My proposal: Free to play players are able to unlock all elite specializations for PvP by paying a small 10 gold fee on a character by character basis, and can unlock weapon mastery for another additional 10. These purchases do not work for PvE or WvW. (You can consider adding this feature to WvW, as well, but I feel it's less important there.) Naturally, players who own this content should still have this unlocked as usual. This will let players still learning the game to take their time unlocking new ways to play, offer a new gold sink for the game, give new players objectives to shoot for, which heightens retention... And most importantly, keeps them playing. As players invest more time, they're more likely to want cosmetics to show off, which means going to expansion areas (more purchases) or buying from the gem shop (More purchases).
  8. So, I come from way back in the early days of GW2. Engi turrets didn't always only overcharge on drop. At one point, their respective buttons flipped over to overcharge them, and when dropped, the respective toolbelt skills became each turret's respective detonation button. Frankly, having the detonate turret button over where your dropped turret button used to be is an improvement, since having your toolbelt skills available at all times is just generally better-- But this still leaves turrets as a pump and dump kind of skill, barring as just casual boon dispensers. I'd like to propose a rework that should spice them up a bit: -Turrets are now affected by your attributes; Numbers should adjust accordingly. -Turrets now overcharge when their respective toolbelt skill is used. Cooldowns vary based on the turret. (I personally would say start from half the turret's drop cooldown). -Mechanists can overcharge their turrets by using their F1 skills. -Turrets from supply crate cannot overcharge after being initially dropped. -Experimental Turrets now provides its area reflect when a turret overcharges.
  9. On terms of PvE I feel fresh air ends up taking a back seat to bolt to the heart, which is kind of understandable. Ferocity is nice, but for most builds, 250 ferocity can't beat what is effectively a 5% buff over the course of a fight. Likewise, Elementalist does face a crit-cap problem when it's not playing weaver or catalyst. Ergo, I would propose a small change to buff it: Add 250 precision on top of the ferocity for fresh air.
  10. In Raid Training, create a console option that allows the golem to attack. Things like aegis or Arcane Shield won't proc on the damage field on the floor.
  11. To clarify, the Smokescreen effect only triggers on dodges, and F-pressing stuff would be limited to things like Shadow Refuge or Stealth Gyro, where the stealth is meant to be a "while-in-area" effect. The issue is mostly with how it can stop auto-attacks (to keep people from auto-ing right out of stealth on accident). Also, Deadeye especially relies on specific timing for stealth. While you can ignore it and press another attack button or whatever, the "Revealed" status that follows cannot be. And before you bring up Shadow Meld, that's an elite slot that's being taken up that could be something more damaging in PvE like Thieves Guild. A lot of people avoid using stealth skills outside of just doing sneak attacks on thieves. One could argue that the reason group stealth skills are so rare are because of the problems they cause. Likewise, a lot of traits that could trigger on stealth could instead trigger on Smokescreen instead, cutting out that middleman completely. For example, Merciful Ambush. This is a fair point. Mass invisibility and stealth gyro might be good to bring for these, and as such need to be pretty easy to use under these circumstances, though I think something like shadow refuge can be a decent substitute for when a thief needs to play this role.
  12. Stealth is a bit of an odd bird when it comes to how players interact with it. In pvp and wvw, providing stealth for others rarely seem to have concequences, as teammates are generally more coordinated with it, either using it almost strictly to engage or disengage fights. In PvE, however, it becomes more problematic. It stops auto attacks, and God for bit you're a thief or especially a deadeye where this convolutes things so much more. I propose instead that when you would give players stealth in pve, instead you give them something I'm giving the name of Smokescreen. When you have smokescreen, instead of immediately getting stealth, if you evade in the next few seconds, then you get stealth. This feels like a flavorful way to provide stealth to players while still maintaining thier agency. Certain skills, such as shadow refuge, might not work as well with this, and might need a different mechanic (just being able to press F, I think, would fix that issue), but I general I think most things in pve would benefit from this change. Note: when a thief provides AoE stealth, they themselves should immediately go into stealth mode, and not get smokescreen. Smokescreen is meant for player-to-player interactions.
  13. No, I proposed nothing but changes for encouraging a healing build. :v
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