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  1. Do the math, than! If I'm missing something, why not actually quantify it instead of just saying "You're wrong because of this!" What are you afraid of about quantifying it? If it could actually help your argument further, why not? Because 12 + 8 yellow unids worth a varying degree of gold based largely on how long you've been playing the game and how much "luck" you've gone through prior to identifying and salvaging those yellow unids is too much effort? Now who's not willing to put in the effort.
  2. Now your pulling hairs. I popped about 20 yellow unids hoping for exotics during the boss rush while I had 288% magic find from various sources. I won't bore you with the details, but the majority of those didn't come from WB's. Total, I'd say around 22 of my unids were from WB's and the other 25 were from PoF events waiting for or doing the runes for the griffon. I should have clarified, yes, but frankly I'm more than a little tired and fairly annoyed at the number of times the same argument was repeated, again my own fault for making a suggestion in the hopes of maybe improving something I t
  3. I didn't ignore it, I addressed it several times, from unids to crafting mats. Also, are you considering the cost of salvaging all of the unids? Salvage kits? Time spent doing WB's that can't be spent doing optimizations? Forgetting my previous statement that after days of farming(4 or 5), I only have 27 yellow unids, and those didn't come from JUST WB's. I've been collecting griffon eggs/runes the last couple days just to tell myself that I could get the griffon if I actually thought it was worth the 250 gold. Collecting the runes alone got me around 15 of those yellow unids. My point isn't t
  4. So, now you're calling me a Karen? With a smiley face and a wink to lessen the hostility or to increase your entertainment? I'm genuinely curious. Going to school for something doesn't mean you understand it. I can do basic trigonometry but I didn't learn that from school, but I don't remember all the presidents names despite them trying to drill that into me every year from 2nd grade to 12th. I'm not calling you stupid, to clarify. I'm just saying schooling doesn't really mean you understand something. Again, 518 views and your going to insinuate that no one supports me? Some of these t
  5. Vice versa. People who disagree are FAR more likely to comment. People who agree are less likely to comment simply on the merit that so many people have already disagreed or the fact that I've already stated so many arguments for. The biggest problem is, this isn't a poll with anonymity and most individuals won't want to get tangled in what, from my perspective, looks like a heated argument over the same thing said by multiple people over and over, echoing the same argument with differing phrasing. I know, I know. I may as well have asked for this in my OP. That was my mistake.
  6. I HATE this term and the entire idea of generalizing a populace based on clear mental illness, but, explain Karens. If the social construct value of adulthood isn't important, explain why hundreds of millions(If not billions) of adults around the world act like children?
  7. Okay, let's address it! I've opened a stack of 100 yellows before with 280% magic find and got diddly squat. I'm sure it was just a crude roll of RNG, but that doesn't change the fact that because RNG favors you more often than not that it is a good way to dictate who gets what. Yes, Fractals are far more effort than WB's. This is why they're worth so much gold daily and why I suggest so little gold per WB. The Funniest part is, I was more than willing to adjust my numbers for balance, right up until it felt like the community members who were commenting were becoming hostile. Your th
  8. I'm only addressing a single point in this because you chose to pick apart individual segments without full context. Kiddo isn't an age, it's a mindset. Ever heard of "Kid at heart"? Age alone doesn't make someone an adult. "Adult" is a social construct, which is why different cultures have different opinions. If you want a "true and scientific" method for choosing, it would be age 26 or 27, when the brain starts to slow the myelination process. That's when grey matter becomes white matter. But I sincerely appreciate that you would reinforce a strawman argument simply because you don't agre
  9. Nice! Add to his strawman like I didn't address that it was the Devs decision! You're so smart! So wise!
  10. Let's not paint the developers as push overs. They rarely do something just because a portion of the community whines about it. The developers aren't stupid. And yes, at this point, I'm considering myself whining. But that doesn't lessen the fact that I'm right. lol In the end, it's up to the developers to decide if my idea holds real merit, on any of the idea's several levels, and frankly I honestly expect that if any of the idea is implemented at all, it'll only be the 50s per world boss per day for a total of 6 gold per day from world bosses. But that's not gonna stop me from asking for
  11. Thanks for the concern. I toned it down as soon as someone reasonably rational mentioned it in an not insulting way. lol
  12. Signatures can be turned off, as another person stated. Most people don't seem to have a signature at all, so I just assumed most people turn them off.
  13. What? I edited the OP like 2 hours ago to reflect the greatly reduced gold influx.
  14. How so? Ecto is worth basically the same as yellow unidentified and the other materials are worth copper, generally speaking. "My 27 pieces of yellow gear(That huge number drop should tell you the rarity) is worth 5 gold 22 silver and 72 copper." Just checked and 27 pieces of ecto is worth 5 gold 54 silver and 85 copper. Yes, in greater amounts, ecto is worth FAR more. FAR FAR FAR MORE! But that's not the point in the first place! I honestly do understand the concept of a player economy. I do. But you can get 25 gold per day from fractal dailies. Just, poof, gold from nowhere. Is
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