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  1. Same here, since 06/09 patch, game randomly crashes when I teleport to waypoint or even while just walking/running around without porting. Freezing during loading screen (Lion's Arch, Mistlock Observatory, Auric Basin, etc...) also happened, making me rebooting.
  2. Lol, spending real dollars and crying because ANet tuned down mirage staff a lil bit... 😹 If you had played / tested the class, you would know it is still playable and very powerful. Moreover the skill level of the build is not very high...
  3. Very informative, thank you very much. Though, such a pity the bug has not been fixed yet....
  4. If you have PoF expac, you may just complete the "Raise the Banner" collection, and you will get one free ascended backpiece. If you have 3 characters, and if you made 3 different factions choices, you may get up to 4 free ascended backpieces. Selectable stats, of course.
  5. You have to read closely what i wrote... I never said that you were the only one to have encountered this bug... I even reported it a few posts above. Well, I was just answering your question... which I understand now, was a rethorical question : No offense meant, no need to feel hurt.
  6. Last year, the chronology was that one : - meta begins at xx:30, many commanders like to clean the camp before escorting the NPC Kaidenna - we port back to Augury Rock WP, and go to the camp to clean it (if not done already) - then we clean the portal location, and we can use the portal to Augury Rock chamber - we kill Josso Essher about xx:45 - depending on the squad we go kill 1-2 legendary bounties - 10 min later, xx:55, we collect wild magic - Doppleganger randomly pops on a player, and squad comes to the marker to kill Doppleganger in about 3 min ; organ
  7. You shouldn't use a healer build for solo open world... Healer build has no DPS, hence the slow pace. As a returning player, I knew I would farm T4 fractals, and I knew lack of healer (HealBrand) was the big limitation of a fractal party. That's why I lvled up my guardian with a berserker build, so that I could wreck open world easily, and at the same time I lvled up my armorsmith and weaponsmith to 500. At lvl80, I unlocked Dragon Hunter Elite to farm faster, and then I unlocked Firebrand Elite to be able to use a HealBrand build. As long as I got a HB build with
  8. Well, what profession(s) are you playing ? Staff condi Mirage... rifle Deadeye... longbow Ranger... shortbow Renegade... are more than OK tier for PvE, and you may tweak your build for WvW. I don't play Rifle Warrior, so I don't know how good/bad it is. Open world PvE is not that demanding, and any builds can do the job, actually. Nevertheless, if you want to play high end PvE like T4 Fractals/Raids/CMs, there are specific builds (meta) for this purpose, and ranged builds rarely shine there. ANet can't take action against your account if you post screensh
  9. Yup, i used no condi cleanses, and had no healers in the squad I was commanding, and we just cleaned 2-3 crystal fragments around the boss. Legendary Facet is not that hard actually. Open PvE is pretty easy for most of the builds.
  10. Don't mistake me, i played GW2 since 2013, i mainly played elem and mesmer (RIP both), stopped for some years, came back with a new account this year. I did put lots of hours into the game, and I still do enjoy it, even after some big nerfs. But I just consider it as a hobby, I am not deeply emotion-involved into the game. That's why I put the minimum of money into it, so that I have no bittersalty taste in my mouth when something doesn't fit me. I try to apply that to everything about the game. When I go fract T4/CMs/WvW, I don't expect anything from PUGs, so I am rarely disa
  11. Welcome to reality. You "lost" 8 years in something that you don't even own 🤣.
  12. Well, when you rent a house/movie/car, you don't own it... so you have no rights to modify them without the owner's permission. Same for GW2, we pay to play the game (unless free account), we are not buying any parts of ANet. ANet is GW2's owner. The game is ANet's, not ours. Actually, only the access to the game is ours : we are free to play it whenever we like, and to stop playing it whenever we like. GW2 would be (partly) ours if we had invested into some ANet shares in stock market. Now the OP's problem is that he doesn't like the balance patch. As a customer, he can
  13. Hi there, i used to do the Ascension Meta last year, and was quite lost yesterday. On Reddit, i read the same thing as you : hunted player has about 30s to get to the red marker to make dopple spawn, otherwise dopple will return to Augury Rock and find a new target. I don't know it it was done on purpose, or if it is a bug... but I think i won't do this meta bonus until they fix it.
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