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  1. A group that "mindlessly spams" their scourge hit will lose every time to a group that patiently times and coordinates their scourge hit properly. Spamming random shade skills off CD does absolutely nothing against an even semi organized group and wasting wells is even worse as they have relatively longer cds. The scourge hit itself is usually very easy to avoid, you can literally walk out of it in most cases and it's very well telegraphed because the shade circles are a range indicator that show you about where the wells are going to be going down. Remember that almost all their hard hitti
  2. And yet these guys think there's too much damage in the game.
  3. It's true the aoe cap is a huge crutch and it has made it fairly easy for larger groups to just w key over people they outnumber in relative safety for as long as I can remember.
  4. The problem is very low skill mostly non social players (only pug never play in a guild) complaining about stuff they only have a surface level understanding of because they never get good enough to see the game in a more advanced way. There isn't too much damage, the amount of damage is absolutely fine, very easy to deal with in most cases, most people are just abysmal at using dodges appropriately, movement and positioning in general and using TEAMWORK to mitigate a bomb. There isn't too much CC most people we fight are just really really bad at managing stab and avoiding easily avoidable
  5. Alright so bring your fb/scourge/rev only map queue pug blob and we will rick roll you with probably half as many guards and necros as you and we will see what carries and what doesn't.
  6. What if I told you the guild meta was 7/9? Would that blow your mind?
  7. Necros do not need more mobility they need to learn to make friends with people who play support. This is a team based game mode not a solo farming game like bdo. I think if anything the target cap should be increased to 10 on more skills. All these people complaining about damage are playing the game from an extremely disorganized perspective which is to say they're not in a guild. I play with an organized guild I can tell you there's no problem with damage or build diversity for that matter. Bring whatever 3/9 basic bitch pug blob you want we will run you over with a 30 man 7/9 comp any da
  8. I think at the very least they should remove rally. Then we can go from there.
  9. OP, If you're deadset on playing deadeye you're going to have a tough time finding a squad that will let you in.
  10. So what class is supposed to be competing with guard for main stab?
  11. The scourge toolkit is just better than the deadeyes for what medium to large scale fights require not more spammy. Deadeye skills are too easy to counter and deadeyes have no melee stopping power whatsoever.
  12. It doesn't really make sense to complain about "spam" when the general design of every class is to have relatively low cds on weapon sets and utilities at least compared to other mmos I've played. In aion, for example, many major cds were on 5 minute or 10 minute cooldowns which meant you got to use them once or twice in a fight. There are only a few skills like that in gw2.
  13. There is almost no amount of numerical nerfing to scourge that could happen that would make an engi or ranger or thief a suitable substitute. This is not a numbers issue its a design issue. The necro is THE anti melee dps everything about it is designed to keep melee off them without moving very much. No other class is designed this way.
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