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  1. Because the buyer may want the actual armor/weapon instead of the skin? The skin itself isn't useful without an item. If the person bought the helmet for example for the sole purpose of using that skin on another helmet, then what use is the original helmet's exorbitant price because that helm's about to be trashed after the skin unlocks?
  2. Yes but that last line can seem to newb (or one who has returned after many years) that the skins were being unlocked and not an achievement tracker. The phrase "unlocks the Vigil's Honor collection" seems to say that everything in the collection will be unlocked. The phrasing is ambiguous if not downright misleading.
  3. Thanks for clarifying that @Linken.6345 but BOO on this. The official wiki page needs this clarification. Thanks again. P.S. What a waste of 50 silver
  4. What exactly does Vigil Equipment Guide do? The page makes it sound like it will unlock the skins of the Vigil, and I did see those green alerts above the map at the lower left of the screen saying things were unlocked but when I go to the wardrobe, I don't see any new Vigil skins in the weapons or armor. Nothing in the achievements either. Is this bugged or am I missing something?
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