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  1. Yeah that's my point, I want to replay that story with up-to-date gameplay experience and cinematics ! 🙂
  2. ...a vanilla GW2 story and boss rework and core tyria maps overhaul ? Am I the only one who thinks the Zaithan storyline deserves an update ? It would be huge. Most new players experience the original story thanks to the F2P approach. Imagine if it was a "2022 game experience". Yeah. Oh, and I know it would be a massive undertaking, so while you're at it, we could use Living World Season 1 Return and free living world chapters for EoD purchase (just saying, I lost a few friends wanting to return to the game because they had to buy all the living world chapters)
  3. Well, I guess she's OK, but I really don't like the voice they gave her. Makes me cringe. Her dialogues with Jormag were awfull in IBS too. We went from "The Elder Dragons are a part of Nature, they are beyond our comprehension" to "Grandaughter/father" stuff when reffering to Aurene, and other human-centric way of thinking. They anthropomorphized the Elder Dragons, Aurene included, and to me that was the big mistake that drove me away from the plot.
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