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  1. OK, let’s assume playing the way you want (which is fun) requires gold, and getting the gold in game is not fun. Some quick back of the envelope calculations. The botware (which, incidentally the post with that link seems to have been deleted) would cost $22 USD for one PvP season, and we assume that can net a bot-user 200 gold. There’s an existing path to bypass gold farming by going cash -> gems -> gold, and $22 USD at this moment would get you 335 gold. Aside from being cheaper, it would also have these benefits: 1. You can have it instantly 2. You’d support Anet and
  2. Sure, I get that of course. My point being that earning the gold/rewards is supposed to be part of the fun. If it isn’t, that raises questions about whether you actually enjoy the game, and whether you should pay to avoid playing it. The alternative of course would be to spend your time and money on something you actually do enjoy.
  3. I used to really enjoy amusement parks, but as I’ve gotten older, the hassle of driving there, walking between rides, waiting in long lines seems to outweigh the enjoyment for me. I could simply stop going, or I guess I could hire a surrogate to go and have the fun on my behalf. The former seems like the sensible choice to me. What a weird world we live in. I guess I’m missing something.
  4. Thanks much for all of this detail. This has helped me understand what’s really happening here. At some point I’d like to play through all of these professions to get a first hand understanding, but that will take some time.
  5. I have no doubt there is more for me to learn, which is why I’m here asking questions. At least I’m not asking for nerfs and removal of game mechanics, hey? If you’re telling me a tempest is a strong 1v1’er,, that means my skill gap is even bigger than I thought it was. I’m not sure whether to feel encouraged by that or overwhelmed by how much I don’t know apparently.
  6. Oh, as a tempest I try never to 1v1 anything. But you know, sometimes unideal situations come up despite best attempts to avoid them. Thanks for the tips.
  7. Mostly been playing LR Tempest. Occasionally core necro MM, mostly to learn its weaknesses.
  8. Revs seem really strong. Heavy armor, good health pool, high damage at range. There must be a weak spot in that armor somewhere?
  9. Thanks for saying so. PvP in GW2 does seem like a rough one to break into. Sometimes it’s pretty discouraging. Although those times you feel like you were on your game, rotated well, and did some good stuff for your team, it’s a good feeling.
  10. Yes I think the hero point trains still happen fairly often, just watch the LFM panels in Verdant Brink and Crystal Oasis. Before you jump in a HP train though, I would do these things. 1. Get the raptor mount from the first PoF quest 2. Get the first glider mastery from HoT 3. Run around the PoF and HoT maps and get the waypoints unlocked You will prob have a hard time keeping up on the HP trains unless you do those things. They move really fast.
  11. Probably chilled. But I think I hate getting pushed and pulled around more than any actual condition.
  12. Ugh. The competitive game modes like PvP are part of what drew me to GW2. Very disappointing as I discover that what small percentage of the population is actually playing PvP is probably more bots and cheats than legit tryhard players. Alt accounts are the satan of MMOs.
  13. As a new player, I definitely agree there’s a ton to get your head around. So many things you have to commit to instinct rather than having to think about them - if you’re even aware of said things at all. Not just the build diversity/complexity, but also map complexity, secondary objective complexity, etc. The fact that the complexity is going to see another multiplier in 2022 with new especs seems crazy. From my perspective, though, the ability to get a quality matchup is possibly the most limiting factor in getting better right now. I feel pretty confident that despite havin
  14. Anet isn’t a parent though. It’s a business. They’re going to focus their development money on the things they think will drive sales and revenue so that they can stay in business. If PvP isn’t that popular, they aren’t going to focus a whole lot of development effort on it. It stands to reason then, that the way to get Anet to give PvP more love is to it is to get more people playing it. It looks to me like they’re making an effort to do that by giving players who might have come to GW2 for the PvE content an incentive to try PvP out with the reward tracks. If thos
  15. So let me see if I’ve got this straight. I’m assuming Anet puts items that have zero value for PvP, like legendaries and ascended gear, into the PvP reward track to try to draw players in from other game modes. People who otherwise wouldn’t try PvP. I’m assuming the idea behind that is to try to keep the PvP population healthy enough to keep the game mode going for you. This might be a bad assumption but really, why else put that stuff in the reward track when all pure PvP really needs for rewards is cosmetics? From what I can tell from the often long queue times,
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