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  1. i wonder then if ur charcter in those games actualy gets trown out of the screen and land in ur room irl? instead of just going pingpong/oldschool pinball from corner to corner of ur screen:):):)
  2. in the end it is what it is just shows what i first said a cake with to many ingridents dont rely makes anyone happy in the end beter to chose a direction a stick with beter to do one thing exlent then to try to do 10 things mediocre
  3. its called of hours for a reason.... im not saying that they cant get indvdual rewards like lootbags from fighting and stuff like that but that the match progress should not be only tied to time instead of activity
  4. in the end u cant make it fair for evryone but to asume that most peapole have the time to play at night is just ridiculus or that a group can just go and ppt for a whole morning when there is no enemy there and by that mean they are the beter group and deserve to win i want the game to be fair and by priortizing evnings from 17.00 to 22.00 then is when the most player play and that those players should not make the biggest impact its already punishing for most players that live normal lives that their impact in peak4 to 6 hours dont mean as much as 15 players at night with 12 hours of time
  5. yeah i agree with many post here the biggest problem is that wvw is cake with to many ingredients in it, its needs a structure its releys on its peapole to teach new players the most efficent ways and not the system its self does nothing to encurage players to get beter. 1. rewards should be tied to ur preformance 2. not only ur time spent in wvw but also ur preformance should be the decidding factor in what alaince u should belong in 3. in game voice should be a an feture ( the diffrence a non voice squad and a voice squad makes is night and day ) and there with there being
  6. it would be nice to have some more form of balance in that u can chose how u want to play: maybe with a small spredsheet that u can check in if u want do ppt or kpt and the time u want to have as ur main time for playing right now we still have morning ppt farming us and now with alaince i feel it hit us even harder when our guild dont ppt at all its time to split the comunty i think bec fighting guilds want to have good matchup for that and ppt want whatever they want i gues. (just my first thoughts that might change when times goes on)
  7. none for me some specs will surtenly be good for roaming but unfrotuanly i dont think the big scale meta will change i would love to see rangers and theif get some love in this area and if they changed the theif from single target to 5 i think it would have a chance but not as it stands now. path of fire and heart of thornes specs brings alot to the table with each class meta spot and i dont feel at the core this is what anet i going for with these new specs.
  8. There is small directions and incentives for example some daylies that point you to kill a dolyak or capture a camp take a tower but those rewards are so small i dont think some players even realise that those activities are part of wvw. some peapole spend hours running to SM and just feeding the enemy team so what shoud anet do? in my opinion ether cater to them and make it the chill eazy just get in get kills eazy structures where a T3 keep mean nothing camp buffs and siege included or structure it more so the system in itself teaches you how to play maybe have an ibuilt voice chat for coma
  9. ehh okay dont even no how to answer that its your opinion i gues but then you could say wvw is what it is for good or bad and they dont need to do any changes at all. And what is your data that its falling apart comming from? from what ive see they got Automated Tournaments with very good rewards and titles and gizmos that u can only get there and they have somewhat limeted themed seasons bu still they got content. Why is it bad to compare it is one of 3 staples of gw2 communitys pve, pvp and world vs world i think its fair to compare it.
  10. more sandbox would to incresse the the passive rewards or make kills higher in points and even the how the maps work structurally for example EBG is a pretty sanboxy map thats esentali is split in 3 slices and border lands is more strategically with a camp hills or bay being closer to the opisate teams spawns there u can make more of strategically play so the could change layouts of maps to cater more to sandbox play and not haveing a structure at high teir mean as much
  11. I would incresse the reward and shorten the machups, if u compare it to structured PvP peapole learns faster couse the time is shorter and the indvidual contribution has more impact if u leave a matchup for a weak what u do in 2-3 hours once or twice a weak has little to no impact and thats what im saying i feel at is core wvw needs to cater to ehter the sanbox play: once a weak fight big fights, or to strategically win the matchup. Now its feels like they are doing both with the long matchups being more sandboxy and in its core to capture and defends objectivs is more of an strategic element
  12. ok but what does alliances have to with core wvw experience? i dont see how only guilds will make wvw more populated if anything worse as i said to Dawdler the downtime when a team is not playing is going to be even bigger the core system needs to beter first i just thougt they should priorities those changes and choose a core path to take first
  13. yeah but is that not the wrong way to go about it i dont see how aliances is going to get peapole more coordinated if u play in a guild u maybe have a couple of hours raid time a couple of day a weak what about the rest of the time?
  14. I think is time for anet to pick a path for wvw and one of the biggest problem i see is the big sanbox the long time between matches enables and the lack off reward at the end. As a wvw player u can log in just looking for a tag and dont realise u could be as useful or even more useful as a roamer/scout when there is no comander or when the map the comander is playing on is full. U could be a roamer that just looking for kills or outnumberd fights and dont do much to help to ur server and that type of roamer can be mixed up with the roamer mentioned above and couse anim
  15. i know that roamers can speend alot of time in wvw and get nearly no rank i have been that type of player for years but i do understand that the gamemode is not meant for that, its wvw not rwr and balance cant be considerd for both group play and indiviudal players who do one v ones or 1 v 2/3. if u like too scout u can uasualy get participation from the main squad on the map and there for get closer to rank 2k that way anyway. So my counclution is that u have not done much to contribute to ur server score in the end and u cant expect to get rewards from it. The conversaiton about that type o
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