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  1. This is supposed to be the "Warrior Feel Good" thread, Lan xD But thank you for the healthy dose of realism all the same 🙂
  2. I love CC'ing people and knocking them senseless. Bull's Charge into Arcing slice never, ever gets old 🙂 I also agree with the others that have cited Warrior's straightforward and "honest" game play. When you beat someone, it's 'cause you outdueled them. No cheap mechanics, stealth attacks, instant cast stuns/dazes, etc. Warrior is good, clean fun.
  3. I'm guessing you didn't read the second part of the post where I said "I agree with you" and offered concrete examples of skills that could be changed to offer what mending and shake it off offer. But no worries; they probably won't make those changes anyways 🙂 But a few reflections on what you said: 1.) In your example about the money, you didn't actually fix the problem of "mandatory skills." By adding $10 to the hand that had $1, you created a situation where that hand, which now has $11, is clearly superior to the other hand holding only $5. So now you have a new
  4. I only play sPVP, so I can't speak to what works best in WvW. But I've been having a lot of success with this build in PvP: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PKwAEd7lJwoYYsEmJOWXetLA-z5gXINWBZmA9GCaMA The key is to use signet of Fury as soon as you get into combat to fill adrenaline, and then....wait. Because of Savage Instinct, going into Berserk mode is a stunbreak, so you can use your Berserk defensively after the enemy CC's you. Can be a nasty surprise for them if they think they have you disabled only to find that suddenly your immune to dmg for 2 seconds and you're bursting
  5. I sense your sarcasm, but your argument is self-defeating. If a skill is mandatory, then by definition you have to take it. Buffing anything else would be useless because you still have to take the "mandatory" stats/traits and would not be able to use the newly buffed skills. Buffing "mandatory" skills, however, would effectively buff the whole class because they have to take these skills anyway. Indeed, the suggestions in the original post were based on just such an assumption: Mending and Shake it off ARE mandatory, so please buff them so we can all benefit!
  6. Thanks for these ideas, Bunstonious! I like the creativity and the different directions you explored--lots of good ideas! I had imagined a spec called "the Sentinel"--essentially a woodland/jungle warrior adept at tracking and combating elusive foes, something I imagine would fit the Canthan theme nicely. I'm especially imagining what Tengu warriors might fight like and how they would combat the enemies native to their lands. Weapon: Spear (although I really like your short bow idea and could see it working well, too). Emphasis on mobility, CC, and burst dmg.
  7. Please explain this to me: Eviscerate (in PvP with demolisher amulet) does : 1,075 dmg at level 1 1343 dmg at level 2 1613 dmg at level 3 Note that Eviscerate hits only one target and has a 3/4s cast time. In it's defense, it is a leap with range 300 and grants 1 measly stack of might on hit. Arcing Slice, in contrast, does: 1,170 dmg when target health >50% 1,699 dmg when target health <50% Arcing slice can do this at level 1, can hit up to 5 targets, and has very fast cast time. So why in the world does arci
  8. To your point, though, Axl, I think it is over-nerfed. In fact, I think most of warrior's stances are over-nerfed. The only one I use is Endure Pain, and sometimes Defiant Stance if I'm getting ganked a lot. But the CDs on Balanced stance, Frenzy, Berserkers stance, etc, are all too long for what they provide. I would really like the see the CD for Frenzy be reduced to something like 30s. Balanced Stance should be 45-50s Berserker stance should be 20s (esp after the nerf to resistance) And Last Stand should reduce stance CD by 20% rather than increasing s
  9. Hi All! First, let me acknowledge that there have been countless posts regarding how berserker might be re-worked and reimagined. There are some really great ideas out there, and I am indebted to your creativity! My following suggestion is not intended to negate or circumvent that lively discussion; indeed, I hope to add to it. But my main purpose here is to answer this question: "Imagine that ANet came to you and said, 'If you could change just ONE thing about Berserker to make it better in sPVP, what would it be?'" So with that in mind, here's my suggestion: Re-work Eter
  10. I totally hear what you guys are saying, and I agree that there are many, MANY things about warrior that are suboptimal and could stand to be improved. I suspect, though, that Anet is unlikely to completely rework the class (although, with an expansion coming up this would be the perfect time to do so if that's what they intend). With that in mind, I've constrained myself to suggesting a handful of relatively simple changes that could yield a large return on investment. I think it is also worth noting that, while reworking some trait lines and weapons would definitel
  11. Thanks for this, Grand Marshal! A neat build; I haven't tried running Mace with berserker on a power build before. Do you feel like you get enough damage with it? I've been playing berserker a lot more recently myself. This is what I've been using and have had a decent amount of success with it. http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PKwAEd7lJwoYYsEmJOWXetLA-z5gXGNmCZWBaMA Between Demolisher's amulet and Divinity rune, you're pretty tanky, esp out of Berserk mode. The key to success is to use Signet of Fury ASAP once in combat and then.....wait. Because of
  12. OK, the title is click-bait; warrior needs a lot of things to really be "fixed," but there are a few "low-hanging fruit" items that could be changed right now to make a sizeable difference. So here we go: 1.) Revert "Shake It Off!" cooldown to 50s. Or at most 60s. I get that it is a stun break and a condi clear that has 2 charges, but 75s CD is just punitive. This is especially the case when you compare to the stunbreaks of other classes. For instance, "Protect Me!" on ranger breaks stun, grants protection, AND gives 3.3k barrier for 40s CD (and happens to be part of a tra
  13. Ah, thanks for the reminder. A lot of my previous comments were more in the "wish-list" category. My apologies. What Warrior really NEEDS with a capital "N" is more access to the new Resolution boon. In short, anything that formerly gave Resistance should either give Resolution in lieu of Resistance or Resolution in addition to Resistance. This not only confers Warrior at least some defense against the pervasive condi-spam of the current meta, but it also synergizes powerfully with Hardened Armor of the Defense trait line which grants 10% dmg reduction when under the influence
  14. On a different note, out of the box idea for SB: So Anet has stated in their recent patch notes that they wanted to increase SB dmg output, hence the rework of attacker's insight. This is a nice start, but I doubt it will make much of a difference, esp since they nerfed the power/ferocity components in pvp. The bonus +10%dmg from mainhand dagger is almost meaningless in pvp since there is almost zero time an opponent is without boons, even with aggressive boonrip. Also, there doesn't seem to be a particularly good way to play a Condi/Hybrid SB at the moment. (I'd lov
  15. Alternative thought on healing option for Arms: Rework Furious: Still has stacking +10 condition dmg on critical hit Remove +1 adrenaline on critical hit Add 7% critical dmg to healing OR the 10% dmg to healing while under Fury Losing the extra adrenaline sucks, so this would sort of be a Nerf-Buff (Nuff? Berf?). But would promote condi/hybrid builds by attaching the healing to Furious. And would thematic sense--Furious is all about getting stronger and stronger the more you get into battle, pushing through pain/healing your wounds through dmg would be consi
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