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  1. The ridiculous discrepancies between ranger and warrior were literally one of the reasons I stopped playing a year ago. There are so many examples of balance discrepancies like the one you pointed out--and in all of them, warrior gets the short stick. Eg., Prelude lash vs snap pull, point blank shot vs pin down, etc. It's like whoever balanced ranger used a completely different ruleset than what warrior uses. And it's not just ranger. Warrior-Rev, warrior-guardian, or warrior -necro comparisons are also pretty one-sided against the warrior. It's so bad, in fact, that the only way warrior gets to be viable is having a few hilariously OP gimmicks that carry its whole kit. Examples include: full counter, berserker invuln spam +skull grinder, Bladesworn healing + unblockable, unblindable CC that does damage. These things understandably get whined about and then nerfed--and in bladesworn's case, gutted entirely.
  2. No defense....? My guy, it's running staff, OH sword, triple shout healing, and 2 healing traits...with over 700 healing power to juice them. And it's spellbreaker. Full counter is an amazing defensive tool. Could you build it to have even MORE defense? Sure. But then you lose our on the offensive/duelist properties that make SpB so potent. But you could absolutely make it a full support if you wanted to. But my bet is that you're going to see an ultra tanky duelist/support hybrid (not unlike Bladesworn in its heyday). I also bet that it will get nerfed inside 2 months time. And for the same reasons.
  3. I love the effort to find non-spb builds for competitive, but I think the coming patch will result in more SpB in PvP, not less. My prediction for the meta warrior build post patch (note: the build will use heretic amulet, not avatar, but that's not available in the builder just yet): http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PKwAYhzlFwwYisLGJmUX+vTA-DaJsQysC6NEqOBs9tAAA You could also run GS instead of dagger sword for bigger burst and more mobility. In both variants, you have decent damage, incredible healing and team support, decent CC, boon rip, mobility, a rez utility... It can support in a team fight or duel and hold a node, and it has the mobility to get where it's needed.
  4. Ah, I see what you're saying. Yeah, that would work in theory (although I bet it would be really clunky to play around that in a real-world scenario). The build using discipline will benefit from much greater flexibility and reliability under real-world conditions, but you're right; the theoretical ceiling for discipline builds and non-discipline builds would be similar.
  5. That's an interesting take. We'll have to see how it is actually implemented, of course, but I would imagine that the 10s ICD of SF would be reset every time SF is consumed. Example: 1)SF is up. You proc it with a burst skill. SF is consumed; 10s ICD starts. 2) You swap weapons; Martial Cadence resets SF. the 10s ICD is cancelled because SF is active again. 3) You proc SF with another burst skill. The 10s ICD starts again. If this is how it works, you won't get the back-to-back SF procs like you described. Again, we'll have to see how it is actually implemented.
  6. I mean, you made most of the attacks cone-shaped AoEs, which will help massively with cleave. R2 has its damage condensed into 2 shots instead of spread out over 5 (in the slowest ranged multi attack in the game), so that's an improvement. And let's not forget the shotgun roleplay... 😎 I'ma about to go full Terminator in the PvP lobby
  7. That's actually a really interesting idea. Nice!
  8. Oh that's a really neat idea. I was imagining something pre-match (like in stronghold where there's a menu where you select your hero), but you're describing it like a bundle. Hit Elixir X, and a bundle replaces your weapon with skills 1-3 and you select which form you want, right? That's pretty clever, and it uses existing systems so hopefully wouldn't be too hard to implement. Good idea!
  9. If there is no longer a charge mechanic, there is no longer a reason for dragon trigger. It just is one more button press to access your burst skills (which roots you in place and is easily canceled by accidentally moving). It would therefore make more sense to "cut out the middle man" and have DS skills directly available. And if there is no self-rooting DT, there is no need for trigger guard or flicker step (in their current iterations). Bladesworn's utilities, however, are pretty lack-luster, and this would be a good opportunity to revise the bad ones into something more appealing. So it all fits together, is what I'm trying to say.
  10. Agreed. That's what the OP achieves.
  11. Core Mechanics: Eliminate Dragon Trigger. Make the DS bursts available as the F1-F3 keys. Gunsaber swap on F4. Max Flow reduced to 30 (to better map with adrenaline for burst-related traits). Using a DS skill consumes all flow. No charging mechanic to turn flow into cartridges. Damage scales based on flow as it does currently. DS 1 has 3/4s cast time. DS2 and D3 have 1/2s cast time Using a DS skill puts it on an 8s CD. The other two unused DS skills go on a 4s CD (e.g., you use DS-Force; it goes on 8s CD, but you can use Boost or Reach in 4s). Utilities: Replace Dragonspike Mine with Trigger Guard: Gain Aegis (4s) and 2 stacks of stability (3s). Two charges; 40s CD/charge. Replace Electric Fence with Flicker Step: 1200 range teleport; Breaks Stun. 40s CD. Obviously, there's a lot more that could be done, especially with Gunsaber itself and with Bladesworn traits. But this should suffice to get the discussion going.
  12. Would be neat if, before match starts, you could choose what form Elixir X would give you. Maybe more work than it's worth to code something like that, but would address the issue.
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