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  1. I was thinking that it would no longer rip our own boons, but rather consume condis and return stacks of AI (in addition to any generated from CCing/ ripping boons from foes). Fun fact: autocorrect wanted to change "boons" to "b.oobs." Just in case you needed another reason to spell check your posts xD
  2. Natural Healing suffers from numerous problems: 1.) long kitten cast time 2.) fairly long CD (25s) with no trait to reduce it 3.) removes all your boons... I get that they wanted it to be a big heal and condi cleanse without being a clone of Mending, but there are too many downsides with too little upside, especially when you're normally running Strength and have access to traited Mending anyways. I like your Troll Unguent idea, @Grand Marshal.4098. I suggest the following: -Heals for current amount (roughly 8500, competitive) over 5s -Cast
  3. @Grand Marshal.4098Imagine how good your Valk/Cavalier Warrior would be with this set-up....Probably would be new meta, tbh. Crusader would also be a fascinating pick, as the extra healing power would improve the sustain from Mending and constant incoming healing from MMR. And you'd still have decent ferocity to make your crits count, too. Probably wouldn't want to do a full set of Crusader, but mixing Crusader and Valk/Marauder could be good. I'm no good at WvW build-crafting, but see what you think: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PKwAEd7OWLWLPA-zVRYDBHG1sDpRVQnSgKECu8AE
  4. I think the changes I proposed would give lots of value to a power-based build. Indeed, that was my main aim. Linking Fury gain with Might gain would be a way for power builds to boost power or condi builds to boost condi dmg; thus, it would be a big improvement over the +180 condition damage that Fury grants in Arms right now. I would imagine a power Core Warrior w/ Strength/Discipline/Arms. GS procs Fury with every burst, so you would have very high fury up-time along with the might generation that comes with it. This would feed MMR for significant sustain, and w
  5. I like your overall philosophy. Indeed, many of my own proposals are based around procing effects on burst use/burst hit, or at least tying trait effects to player actions (e.g., allowing Rousing Resilience to proc on heal skill use as well as on stun break). I think many of your ideas could be good; that they differ from my own suggestions just shows there are more than one good way to approach this. I especially like your idea for shield master. I had proposed something similar earlier in the thread, but a lot of folks didn't like taking away the synergy with shield mastery'
  6. You could play around with mixtures of Captain, Knights, or Commander to go along with your valk pieces. All three of those stat combos would go well with what you're looking for. You could also try cavalier or crusader if you're convinced you can get enough crits from runes/traits/sigils. Let me know what you find out! I had been thinking of trying to make a build like that for PvP but didn't have the guts to try it out yet lol.
  7. Neat idea, GM! I think if you really want to duplicate the Valk ranger build, you'd probably need to do something like Core with arms: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PKgAIFlJwwYhsEWJO2LWLfA-zVQYRUBT4PlGFCZqoCWiGtIwlHgA2DvFWV2A-w You'll probably struggle to get enough crits otherwise. But, if you did want to stick with defense over Arms, you might try Rousing Resilience over cleansing ire. You already have tons of adrenaline from merciless hammer, so you could afford to give up CI in favor of RR. That would help offset that loss of toughness you're feeling
  8. 1) charging.. 2) charging... 3) charging.... 4) charging ..... 5) charging ...... 6) RAID BOSS DIES INSTANTLY!!!/ doesn't matter; you're dead by now anyways (Competitive split)
  9. I'd say that's an argument to strongly buff Last Stand and Rousing Resilience rather than an argument against buffing Cleansing Ire. I agree with you; Last Stand and RR need some love. If you're interested, there's some pretty good discussion to be found in the following threads: Revitalizing Warrior 3: Re-working DEFENSE Warrior Balance Requests Omnibus
  10. Agreed; my proposed version grants the condi cleanse and resistance on burst use not on burst hit. I see where you're coming from, not wanting to make Warrior just able to spam bursts without thinking. The trouble is that, for better or worse, Warriors live and die by their burst. Take away his arcing slice or eviscerate, and the warrior's lost about 50% of his damage output. Consequently, Warriors are disproportionately affected by condis like blind and weakness. Warrior needs strong counterplay to classes like thief, mesmer, and necro that can spam one or both of these con
  11. That's a pretty neat idea. You could make it a Life Siphon proc on applying bleed, something like: Bloodlust: Bleeding does 33% more damage Applying bleeds siphon's life from foes (130 LS damage and 100 LS healing/ stack of bleed). That'd be pretty kitten strong, actually. Would actually allow core condi warrior to be fearsome, even though he mostly just applies bleeding. Nice idea, @Doomfrost.5728!
  12. Fascinating. Do you run Berserker for the rifle build? I bet capitalizing on that immob /vuln combo with gunflame would be pretty potent, esp since the burning from gunflame would be pretty powerful with Celestial gear.
  13. @Grand Marshal.4098 @Lan Deathrider.5910 I saw this today and thought of you. Enjoy! https://youtu.be/79VH0A9sSEs
  14. Cleansing ire: Gain adrenaline when hit Cleanse one condition and gain Resistance (1s) for each bar of adrenaline spent. The resistance will nullify both blind and weakness on burst use.
  15. Agreed; I think that was definitely the developers' aim behind the Arms line. However, I think that it would be good to reassess that aim if we're talking about a re-work. I feel this mostly because Precision and Condi are an unhappy marriage at best. Capitalizing on Precision/Critical hits requires both power and ferocity, and investing in power/precision/ferocity usually precludes having a functional condi build. What I'm imagining is refocusing the Arms line around the Fury boon, and doing so in a way that should offer plenty of value regardless of whether you're designing
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