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  1. Boss train on reset, chuck most of the [REDACTED] into recycling, sell items of value, log off. Repeat. Or I did before I stopped playing entirely. Again.
  2. "I think she said something about a duck!"
  3. Have I ever told you the definition of insanity?
  4. See no reason to, but it seems that it essentially downloaded anyway. Negative option publishing.
  5. Not worth the money, same as HoT and PoF. Content made purely for players' five billionth alts that can go through the entire base game blindfolded and not getting hit once. Will be amused if PoF becomes free once EoD is released. Because it's old content.
  6. Look up Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty. Also coming out this month. Ship done sailed, boss.
  7. *person does so* "Um erm uh...thatdoesn'tproveanythingsothere! NERR!"
  8. "You'll enjoy the expansion content if you run past all of it because stopping for a instant means you die. Happy exploring!" Better just to say "if you don't devote your entire existence to this game there no reason to go beyond Central Tyria.". Make with the confused emotes, people.
  9. People could possibly be passing on GW2 as a whole and have either moved on elsewhere or stay while waiting for GW3.
  10. Or pull out the Asura equivalent of a smartphone and start fiddling with that.
  11. Start a new thread, get dogpiled for saying something already said. Post to an old thread with concerns that would go in that thread, get ripped for necro'ing old threads. There is no right way to discuss anything in a forum with Archivists. "Archivist saves and squirrels away each and every discussion forum message. Do you remember having a bad day back in 1996 when in one of your messages you may have said a few things that were...well, perhaps a little...hasty? Don't worry, Archivist still has it and will post it to the forum if you begin to get the upper hand i
  12. If Blizzard can get their prepaid cards into Canadian WalMarts, ArenaNet should be able to do the same with their prepaid cards.
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