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  1. The fact that there's a huge merged mega thread for this topic is really telling. Its beaten to death. Skimming through threads like this is like walking through a museum. Whenever I see these I try to offer some tips to try to help people and I did try already for this thread. But, it just keeps going on and on. Tldr: Its entertaining to read forums sometimes. If you want something do the steps to get it. 🤪 The best part about this is you aren't missing out and can do as much as you want, take a break and still be where you left off! 😊
  2. Years and years of complaining that would have been better spent ingame playing for 1 or 2 hours a day to chip at the skyscale. Y'all what's boring is this topic...💀 It was made 'easier' already with achievements literally knocking out all the currency you need for you. Just get some gathering tools. Convert gold into gems if you must have it **right that second** for the treats and stuff. But god forbid, you will have to do everything before that.
  3. And who exactly is judging anyone for their mounts in a video game? Funnily enough, you seem to be the only one doing that. I have my skyscale but I believe every mount has it purpose and sometimes I use the others in its place. But, yes, the skyscale has become my default ease of access mount.
  4. If it were to shut down, that would be that. I'm in my early 20s and honestly don't see myself playing video games for much longer. In my opinion, I feel like many newer games are missing the mark. I currently only play Gw2 and Wow classic on my pc. I would probably return to classics and remakes on consoles when those two have run their course.
  5. The skyscale grind is nothing compared to the other grinds in the game. Just keep going and do a little each day. Don't try to rush as if you need you skyscale now. You'll get it, then look back and be "hey...that wasn't so bad." Ever play wow and do pathfinder? The skyscale could take only a couple weeks just like that. And when you get to the map currencies, do the 'Return to' achievements! You will get 250 of each currency at a certain tier.
  6. I'd have to search for a new guild then and find someone kind enough. I just returned again and my guilds aren't very lively anymore and my friendslist is dead. :P But I guess I'll wait for the anniversary. Had no idea it was this close
  7. Oh that's right August is the anniversary. Thanks guess I'll hold off till then
  8. I have them all and just wondering if its worth it to get this last one. I don't have a lot of gold to convert so if I wanted to do that, it would only be a couple episodes. Do you think there's a possibility with steam release that this season will be free? I kinda want to play through the whole story again in order one character. My story progress is all over the place on different toons.
  9. Yeah but those are npcs. It might be one of those things, for example npc hairstyles that aren't available to the player etc.
  10. I could see us getting a "swimwear outfit" but expect a one piece probably for the females. I don't think it would be a bikini. Then on the males, a pair of swim shorts? (Would love a speedo for them haha as the male equivalent if we do get the bikini)
  11. Eh, I think skiffs are fine. I use my skimmer if I want to travel on water. For me the skiff is purely for fishing and thats fine- it doesn't need anything else.
  12. I just made a mirage alt the other day. Exotic Viper's was indeed more expensive including the trinkets, compared to power gear. The build requires nightmare runes as well, but I don't have those. So I crafted x5 of trappers runes and used a black diamond. Now I'm working on getting all the LW trinkets and nightmares. But apparently the x5 trappers and the black diamond isn't even a 3% difference. It's almost identical
  13. Thank you all. I guess I'll keep leveling both my Mesmer and Ele. I'll focus more on the mesmer for now and keep my Ele as a WvW character. I'll try out Sahne's build for roaming! Maybe in the future Ele would be more comfortable to play for PvE.
  14. Hi, I'm interested in all PvE (Fractals, OW, Raids) and WvW specifically. I leveled all classes except ele and mesmer to 80. Mage is my favorite class fantasy but I've put off making one in this game for a very long time because of the things I heard about it. What is the more suitable spec for the gamemodes I like to play? I'm currently just leveling and doing some world completion but I like choosing a spec in advance as a goal.
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