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  1. Play what you like outside of wvw, condi builds are tanky and good for solo, not as effective in a zerg, Power builds are great for zerging, cc is great for roaming and cc'ing pve mobs.
  2. This forums system of needing the confused emote instead of a downvote, which would essentially hide the OP's post for most people on other sites, is rather interesting. All we have seen is a first look, there is still tons of information to be released. We know hardly anything about what is coming up we just got a small sneak peak. Remember that there will be huge new area's to explore and an entire storyline that will be fleshed out and delivered complete to us, like the previous expacs, which will hopefully make up for IBS's abruptness. There will be new elite spec
  3. To be honest that does sound fun, "Wanna have some fun? Hop on!" and get new players to ride with you and shoot em up'. Show em how fun Gw2 can be 😄 And its awesome,. best game ever, mount system
  4. If they gonna make IBS count, Why does Death Branded Shatterer not count? Please make it count, as well as add it to the portal device ❤️ plz and thank you's!
  5. If you can use it in wvw that is going to be quite fun, I wonder if siege disable works on the turtle! hah. And finally a 2 person mount and done in GW2's awesome mount style, but on land it is a turtle right? I wonder about its speed, as it should be able to go in the water as well right? And move faster? just seems interesting. Can't wait to see it in game! Hypeeeee
  6. Honestly, sounds interesting, still need more information like how you fish in gw2, best fishing experience to me is in Okami haha, very active fishing. Boats look cool too, especially as it looks like we have multiplayer water mounts to traverse the area, wonder how you unlock it! Can be used on a lot of maps, and if you can mount/jump on the boat/cast a Mes portal? would be quite interesting. Cause then people without skimmers can use your boat to get to certain locations? ;D
  7. HYPED! and that's not even everything, they still got more to tell us! There is still more to come! I like the new legendries look, it'd be great to wield Aurene! Turtles! More story! Boats! BRING IT ONNNNNN!!!!
  8. Yeah, fortunately SBI stopping carrying Mag so hard as they have been carrying mag really hard ever since they linked, as Mag is a T4 server, if you are on Mag you are in T4, you go to mag if you are bad at wvw but love to brag and are a toxic person. Without SBI mag is T4. With SBI mag is in T1. it goes to show, that SBI is what carried Mag. And with Relinks and losing anyway, its bye bye 🙂
  9. Good dueling SB will always win with a boonbeast build, but for camp flipping any strong class does it well. Playing a thief means you love running away and not killing any actual good player.
  10. Was just able to login, but the loading screen took forever until it stated that the game client can't find the login server, Live in QLD Australia if that matters
  11. Gotta be fair here, when the season of the dragons catches up, high chances we get 250 of each of the currency doing achievements, so that "grind" is soon to go with the wind 🙂
  12. This is the thing I like. I quit GW2 for six years. Came back and could still instantly play all top content and work on anything I wanted with access to all of the games content on my door step. Any other mmo, and you'd have to change all your gear for higher stats and change everything. New levels to grind, new gear to grind, as if you've never played it before. And because once you buy GW2 you own it, it really means you can just hop back in whenever you feel like it without having to pay a sub. Its really a perfect mmo in that regard.
  13. Only difference is the people doing that, cause the instance to fail and bam, 15 mins of afk'ing in game and getting squat and actually causing other people to get squat. Its different with Marionette because you are taking up a slot that someone who can make a difference could be using. Whereas with Dragonstorm, you can solo the entire instance. some people afk'd in Marionette sure, but its always on the low to 0 side. And now they can't for awhile as private you extremely need everyone doing the work.
  14. Don't worry, Mag will go back to T4 once they lose Sbi next re-link, Servers keep their link till a re-link happens 🙂
  15. This 100%. The Marionette is extremely fun and actually takes effort. DS is boring easy and near impossible to fail, so people afk it.
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