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  1. I'm looking for someone who wouldn't mind going through HOT story with me when both online and free to do it. I'm on episode 7. It's more fun doing it with other and tends to go smoother too.
  2. Thanks everyone for commenting. This was all very helpful.
  3. I have a sun/flame themed charr that I really like. He has the spiky, blonde hair with red tips. Honey colored fur (idk how to stick a picture in here). He's a revenant. I've been wanting to dress him up and have been looking into it. Anyone know of any armor sets or outfits that'd suit a sun and/or flame theme or could be dyed to suit him? I want something that won't cover his hair. I love the requiem armor (without helmet), but that's a lot of mistonian and the skyscale currencies are still fresh in my mind. XD. I've been thinking of going for the mistward armor instead (maybe requiem later
  4. I really want the starry skyscale skin from the lost era mount skin box (space lover here). If not, I need a grow lamp and 8 skyscale food for my skyscale I'm working on at the moment. Edit: Ty anonymous person and other person! They gave me some gold for getting a griffin as well as some skyscale food. Also got some treats. I was worried I wouldn't be able to get the rest of the skyscale food made in for reset time and would have to get it off tp. I can't thank these two enough!
  5. Um, I just came back and looked at everything and wow. I'm sorry, I didn't clarify. I'm not really interesting in soloing hard bosses. I'm just trying to get a build that can traverse pof, participate in guild stuff, and do stories without getting trampled on at the moment. I didn't know that was important to clarify. Thanks everyone for builds and commenting. I'll take a look at what people suggested and decide from there.
  6. Thanks! What runes and sigils does this use?
  7. This is my second level 80 character, so I'm not the most knowledgable on setting these up. I need a build which won't cost too much to gear and has guidance on how to use it. If you could add the type of gear it needs, that'd be great cause I still have trouble with that.
  8. I'm working on collecting currencies for the skyscale. I heard that this meta train helps. I'm kinda new to meta trains. How do you join one and are there certain times they start?
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