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  1. Kind of.... There are not a lot of good MMOs out there and it's being beat by games like wow classic and RuneScape.
  2. I played this this briefly when it launched and decided to try it again a couple weeks ago. I can't believe how good this game really is now that I have given it an honest try and it's left me really surprised. I heard on a video I was watching that it's number 8 of most played MMOs right now. That seems crazy to me. So what is it that keeps this game so low on the list? That is if it really is #8.... Also is there confirmation on a guild wars 3 in development?
  3. Well the DDU and graphics driver reinstall seemed to do it. Don't know why I didn't think of it but ty.
  4. I just reinstalled the entire game about 4 days ago. I'll try reinstalling video drives. I'll run DDU as well.
  5. Anyone know what causes this? PC Ryzen 3600, 5700xt, 16 GB, Samsung SSD.
  6. Went to play and for some unknown reason the game gave me an error saying the launcher had been moved or deleted. Tried everything to fix it with no luck. Even after reinstalling the launcher it gave me the same thing. Is this a known issue?
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