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  1. Here we are discussing the variant in which we kill 100% of bounty champion hp, solo, party or raid - it all does not count
  2. You think its a god? Its a dragon? No! It's a Veteran Svanir Brute! 5 years straight of annihilating people all over the Bitterfrost and beyond! https://i.ibb.co/9bSRtfD/gw271.jpg Can we get those ultimate avatars of power nerfed some day? Just to be clear, it's damage should be about 10 times lower and the current value is a bug.
  3. 1) Vehicle skills 1-5 (tested on Tank from Forging Steel strike) conflict with 'Mount Ability 1' and 'Mount Ability 2'. If any of weapon skills bound to the same button as either mount ability 1 or 2, then while on vehicle those buttons do not work at all. 2) 'Swim down' (or 'Swim up') button conflicts with 'Mount/Dismount' button while underwater. Valid for submerged skimmer. Those keys can be hotkeyed on the same button and game will prioritize swimming, not mounting/dismounting. 3) Also when trying to bind Z button on any key, game says rather ''Used by "... - ((972996))" '' or
  4. Hi! Since i enjoy a game a lot from a several accounts, there are still some things i would like to see. Hope i'm not the one looking for it and someday devs will at least consider some of those. 1) Implementing some ingame visuals for Toggle Autotargeting option Since this option and its hotkey became real, its now much easier to play the game, especially in PvP. Charging with 'No Autotargeting' as a Warrior or Reaper somewhere 1200 units away from a target is priceless in terms of escaping. But since active Autotargeting is still very important and there is no any visual indi
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