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  1. Hope it will be true petless ranger how soulbest should have been ( ofc it won't ). Weapon - off hand sword ( and again won't happen )
  2. Just 2 years? It's been my main since the I began 6 months after release... It's been mostly down hill and I've taken the last 1.5+ years off of doing anything other than logging in for dailies and occasional world boss runs because Im just tired of my favorite class getting the raw end of the stick. well, prev 2y i enjoyed)
  3. Imagine those who've mained ranger since launch and quit but still look at the patch notes every few months. Depressing. regretting for 2 years, bur played since HoT)
  4. i have been regretting for 2 years for pick ranger as main
  5. TY for pvp update, now i have more free time to play other games)
  6. What is the trade off for Deadeye? What is the trade off for FB? What is the trade off for the supertank regen and barrier weaver? What is the trade off for the renegade condi build, with 2 weapons, 2 heals, 2 sets of slot skills... that pumps out more condi damage in pvp modes? Hmmm? And we have a ton of trade offs already. Most of everything on Ranger stinks and our forced mechanic has had the same issues since alpha... You need me to find the interview with the devs about pet issues from 10 years ago? Want me to list all the junk stuff and skills and traits and builds for pvp modes? Deade
  7. Also a strong chance they nerf both pets and MM and not just one or the other, tbh. This was exactly my thinking when I made the post about SB adjustments, https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/101069/last-balance-chances-good-reasoning-bad-implementation#latest, I knew that the followup will be core ranger. If MM or pets will get nerfed now, it will be a double deep nerf for SB in terms of potential damage. Nerfing pets directly is not a good solution in general as pets don't scale so well in WvW as it is. The main issue with core ranger is not the damage and not MM, it is how beefy t
  8. wanna pet - play core wanna play without one - play a different profession.i likе prof's theme, but hate pets, soulbeast is close to my ranger vision ( without pets even more)
  9. It would be great, sad that Arena doesn't see obvious things.
  10. totally no pets spec pls because soulbeast went in wrong direction
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