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  1. It really does still cost that much. Even if they now fired every artist and programmer involved, never to give them money again, they still have to pay for the servers for upkeep. They still have to pay for licenses. They have to pay for the heating of the buildings they work in. They still had to pay the artists in the first place, who had to pay for their training. And they have to do this without the income of a subscription based game. though I’ve wasted enough time trying to correct the failures of public schooling to teach the basics of economics here for the final
  2. You’re right that it doesn’t cost $20 to make them. It costs far, far more, and that’s without any profit, meaning no incentive to make an, again, completely aesthetic, no QoL ‘upgrade’. there isn’t just one guy twirling his mustache every time someone buys a mount, laughing as he’s now gained $20 That money is spread around how many developers? How many artists? How many server engineers? What about making sure any of those individuals are quality? how many years of training involved in that? how many other employees at ANet to support them? To hire them?
  3. They’ve been for a loooong time- ascended stats that can be changed between battles. Yes, skyscale is certainly convenient. But it really is a casual grind, especially now with the ‘return to ____’ quests making it insanely easy to get the map currency (seriously I did the whole release today in two hours) absolutely vote against making it ‘mandatory’, because between the other mounts, you can do everything it can
  4. One moves the game forward. The other is aesthetic bonuses. There is significant difference, both in intent and in market. For a game that, again, you can play for free, which is a tremendous gift in and of itself. Continuing to demand more of a free game shows the character of the demander; not the quality of the supplier
  5. Artists have to come up with the concept art. Designers have to render it. Programmers have to make it workable with current code. Sometimes, new animations are required there, too (see hummingbird skin for skimmer). hundreds of hours of work. Not counting the initial development of the game, the mount systems, continuing servers, bug fixes, etc. All on a game that costs you nothing to play if you don’t want to. pay the cost of gems for skins if you want them. Or don’t get them. It really is that simple, stop demanding things from artists and workers for even less money t
  6. My character is a part of the Reformed Margonites 😛
  7. I mean, this trailer had me actually make and Insta-level an ele, so that says something about how I feel regarding it 😛 it does look like a lot of fun. I have been, well, really bad as both of the ele elite specs thus far. I hope I can get the hang of this, cuz it looks cool
  8. ANet making money is a good thing for players. ANet making money off of cosmetics that have zero impact on gameplay is a great thing for the health of the game and the playerbase
  9. From what I’ve seen, I think it can potentially do well in PvP and WvW, the latter especially. I main rev, and while I am excited for something new like this, we already have Alacren for raids- I was in a training group for Dhuum last night and in less than an hour, we got to 30% with multiple newbies helped by alacrity (I’ll be the first to admit- the real shining one in that group was not the alacren but the kiter and tank, but still) we have good options for raids (condi, Alacren, even Ventari as an off-healer), this is seemingly an option for other game modes, and that is a goo
  10. I main a Rev/Renegade, and I very rarely ever use shortbow (sometimes when a raid is better condi than power)
  11. Aww man, sword 4 used to have a block? I started Revving waaaaay late in the game, I would’ve been furious at that change
  12. I have not been good at elementalist or any of their elites in GW2, which I always found a bummer because it’s what I first played through GW1 and was my main for the longest time (until I found my love of Ritualist and Imbagon, much later into the game), so I largely gave up on the profession however, I am LOVING the aesthetic involved in this, so I am hoping the difficulty curve isn’t too high, I’d love playing this in strikes, WvW, maybe even lower tier raids
  13. I like what I see so far. Had I initially wanted a Ritualist? Yeah, but that dream died a long time ago, and this looks way better in my opinion anyways. I’d rather have necro be Ritualist (maybe next expansion…) I generally prefer the aesthetic of sw/sw or sw/sh over gs, but tbh this looks pretty cool. I’ll give it a shot, only thing I wish was different going this route is to have floaty Balthazar-like GS wielding, but I understand that probably would’ve been a whooole lot more programming
  14. There’s already the option of converting gold to gems. And frankly? Part of me even wants that taken away do I want GW2 to become pay to win? No, by no means, and if/when it does is when I leave it. but i love this game. Therefore, I want the devs to make money, and to keep making good content that I enjoy. Offering skins, which has no bearing whatsoever on the combat or skill of the game, for money? That is the PERFECT route. It adds to the customization aspect, some social prestige, and more, without giving literally any edge to those who buy them. these purch
  15. Outfits exist, I see no need to do the massive undertaking of programming to add more confusion to everyone’s builds
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