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  1. Rev is my main currently, but ele looks fun. I had loved ele back in gw1, but didn’t really get the hang of the switching in this game. Maybe I’ll try it again with this
  2. And this approach would be horrible for GW2. As mentioned, that ‘months’ amount was when it was FIRST introduced, and even then was an exaggeration and assuming only extremely casual play. In LWS4, I believe that the time gates have been so reduced that technically you could get it in under two days, but even then, it took me about a week. And that was BEFORE the ‘Return to…’ achievements, which give you ALL of the account bound currency required for doing very little effort. the skyscale is absolutely NOT required for any content outside of SOTO, where it is able to be rented and earned by a new method. It was SUPPOSED to be a legendary mount. Stop reducing it out of a sense of entitlement
  3. This is why I tell everyone if they want light legendary armor, go WvW. It actually looks like armor that is light, as opposed to cloth monstrosities, and though doesn’t have the glowy, moving mystical aspect of the raid one, it actually not only manages to look like armor, it actually looks epic
  4. I feel like this should have been the baseline… and also wish that initial flash would match the aura color. Idk, I really liked the concept art of the heavy set, and was hoping for a more obsidian based upgrade to that. I hope the acquisition isn’t ridiculous…
  5. If you just want the functionality, WvW leggy armor is by far the easiest to obtain in my opinion. And, again in my opinion, is the best looking for light armor. but yeah, I’d always be open for more legendary equipment; but only as long as it remains legendary. 1,000+ gold, plus a bunch of solo play required. Gen 2 early legendary weapons had the best balance in my opinion
  6. I… I can’t… the audacity… the entitlement… I know that this is just a video game, with no real consequence on the real world, but frankly this is just another example of why the idea of the slippery slope is not now nor has it ever been a fallacy
  7. Entitlement really is running absolutely rampant these days…
  8. I love that the OP acknowledged it towards the end because I’m in agreement and was thinking this the whole time I was reading it- the MCU has ruined so much of storytelling like don’t get me wrong I loved the MCU… at first. But it infected so much storytelling in pretty much every genre in that everything has to be undercut with cringey humor i loved GW1 because it didn’t do that. And I very much enjoyed how SotO is moving somewhat away from it, but I seriously want that to forever be in the rear-view mirror…
  9. 1. Absolutely not. You want the special shiny of a raid/strike, play a raid/strike. Seriously there is the same functionality/stats of (soon to be) literally every item that can be somewhat easily obtained in every game mode (easy does not mean quick, people), there HAS to be some form of incentive to play each different game mode or else the game will die 2. Again, absolutely not. This would eliminate the purpose of cities completely. While I do wish there was more customization options for the home instance, this is not the way to do it 3. I wouldn’t theoretically MIND a new race, but it’s never going to happen, give the amount of time/effort would be required to do it. This has been discussed a million times before, it’s just not in ANets interest to do so. Additionally- we’ve got a bunch of non-playable races already, use one of those before breaking the lore and introducing something completely new that magically has never been seen before 4. Yeah, sure 5. Again- while I wouldn’t theoretically be opposed to such, it’s just not feasible from a financial perspective. The amount of coding that would need to be involved in this is just impractical
  10. Oh yeah I’d be pissed. I already have legendary heavy armor, so the functionality is useless for me. But the heavy concept art looks soooooo good that I’ve been working towards it (unless there’s some ridiculous extra requirement for the arcanum/precursor part, I’ll have more than enough to get the full set the day it releases, just as quick as I can do that map completion on six characters)
  11. I would love that. Them adding the shards of glory was a start, but they should be account bound
  12. Oh thank goodness, it had been almost a full ten minutes since the last time this exact thread had been made for the millionth time suck it up. If you want the legendary thing, do the legendary requirement and WvW remains the most fun game mode outside of festivals
  13. Hey hey hey- they’re a time gate for armor AND a trinket!
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