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  1. Just the other day a guy was asking in Map Chat if he could get some help on his. He needed a keep. We were tagging down but our com decided to help this person out. Ask and ye might receive. Just try to figure out what time you have a commander on the map and run with them. I came to WvW for Gift Of battle and Warclaw. And have stayed ever since.
  2. Yup. I did the same thing. Light and Heavy WvW leggy. But then one day i said screw it. I want one set of PVE armor. So i set out on my adventure. I had a GREAT time doing raids. But i also know how to DPS so maybe thats a plus? The thing that I found kind of annoying was the Chak Eggs. But i only needed a small amount as I had aquired most of them prior to starting my adventure just from playing HOT a lot in the past. The biggest kick in the butt were the Provisioners Tokens. I spent a crap ton of my ascended mats (im impatient) to buy those. But i agree with what some other peopl
  3. I dont like the changes. But I MIGHT be on board with them if MS was nerfed but could be cast while moving so that you are not a sitting duck. Then reduce the CD of FGS. It looks like DH with baby gates is the new meta
  4. id like to see +165 to all cele stats. 😃
  5. For the love of God, you dont HAVE to run Cele. You just dont. To all you people complaining, git gudder. kitten, play what you want and get good at it. Complaining about cele shows you just like to complain instead of improving your play style. I swap stats all the time. From the dreaded cele to mauraders, to vipers, to zerker ect... just to have a little fun while roaming. Confused emojis over there please ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->
  6. As a HARB roamer in cele stats. I will tell you how to beat us. IMOBE, and stun. IMOBE is the stupidest thing in WVW and is extremely OP and it cant be cleansed. If you have Warhorn 4 on CD you can transfer it, only if it isnt evaded. See you on the battlefield! 😃
  7. Im sorry you are on the Maguma Sever. If you have the money I would try to jump to a new server ASAP if you want to enjoy WvW, but it sounds like you just want to get in and get out for the Gift of Battle. Id encourage you to play more WvW as it is kitten fun MAG=Maguma EBG = Eternal Battlegrounds. They (MAG) like to stay on EBG. SMC = Stone Mist Castle. Mag loves SMC more than anything else in the game and will fight with all their Maguumy bear might to take it and hold it for the whole week. Ive heard that MAG chat is pretty Toxic, so you might not get a lot of help from
  8. I would actually like to see turtles in WvW. As long as they are not overpowered. Maybe not make it permanent but an event like thing like no Downstate week.
  9. I main Scourge in ALL end game content (raids,Strikes,Fractals) and do not have a problem getting in groups. Now certain classes do more DPS (condi FB for example) but I can hang with them in most encounters. Then you have Heal Scourge. The ULTIMATE SAVIOR for groups that feed. You dont just have to play scourge either. Reaper is preferred in some scenarios and does good enough Power DPS again not the best. But good enough. Im tinkering with Harbebe but have not found it as easy to play as scourge and the damage increase is barely noticeable.
  10. Im on BG and would LOVE to be linked with MAG. I'm very curious what their team chat is like 😃
  11. I saw a video of Teapot interviewing people with disabilities and how they feel they are left out of the game. But they also talked about doing hard content. I think one even said he did Dhuum CM. I havent even done Dhuum yet. I have issues with my left hand. So i use a mouse with like 20 functions on it (not Macros) to do my rotations. It took some getting used to. But it works for me. There is still single player content out there. You can still play. If you want to do something and get better at it, you will find a way. as for going blind though. I do not know how you can game with that co
  12. I failed the META 30 yes you read correctly 30 times in a row till I/we finally beat it. I do Fractal CMs, Raids and Strikes. I know what DPS is and I also know what CC is. A lot of people do not know how to DPS or CC. I do NOT feel bad for people not understanding their gear/runes/sigils ect... and how to do damage and kill a break bar. At some point, all of the people that are complaining need to understand that you/they might be their biggest problem. And you/they might need to read a class guide and not just press 111111 on your ranger. confused emojis over there please. ----------->
  13. To all you scrubs that say DPS is hard. Use this and focus on not standing in damage. You're welcome
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