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  1. Anet has always had this fetish of making new armor stat combos harder to acquire for some unknown reason. I’ve never understood why they think it’s a good idea to do this when people just want to test the new kitten out and have fun with it.
  2. It’s a pointless system that was added because A.) people kept asking for it and B.) they were really scraping the bottom of the barrel for mastery tracks to add in EoD. Oh, and to add another grind towards getting legendary weapons. Basically, something that can be ignored by 99% of the community with nothing lost from it. EoD masteries feel so much more pointless after what we got in PoF.
  3. Your math is off. Even if you bought the $100 gem package right now, it wouldn’t give you enough gold to buy a Gen 1 legendary.
  4. Anyone with half a brain can see that the amount of bag space you get on a new character is abysmally pathetic. And the only way to get more? Grind and grind and grind for gold or pony up real world money. It’s an artificial pain point that Anet purposely puts in place to try and get people to spend money. Cosmetics are one thing. Something that most sensible people see as more of a necessity in an MMO like inventory space? Come on man. Get real.
  5. You’re using a game that is literally pay to win as an example…
  6. It is pretty bad when a Buy to Play game doesn’t give you a reasonable amount of storage or bag slots, that’s for sure. Anet has a bad habit of monetizing the game in ways that are generally reserved for the likes of F2P games. It’s something that’s always irritated me, especially when I go to make a new character and have almost no bag slots available on that character that I then have to waste a ton of gold on or spend real world money on. Don’t get me wrong, I love playing the game, but some of Anet’s monetization decisions are pretty bad from a consumer perspective.
  7. 1. Maps are generally pretty to look at and do their job for the most part. Although Echovald was a letdown in my opinion. 2. The elite specs leave a lot to be desired. Most feel rushed and half baked. Several professions are better off sticking with their HoT or PoF elite specs. 3. The new masteries feel soulless and pointless. You know Anet was scraping the bottom of the barrel when an entire mastery line is dedicated to unlocking this expansion’s merchant and crafting hub. And another one focused around……fishing. 4. The Dragon’s End meta is still a comple
  8. For the love of God, do not give Anet the idea of reverting Vindicator back to the original style of your legend skills swapping upon use. That was such a clunky, useless, frustrating, and idiotic design choice on their part. The way it is now actually gives us far more control over it and actually allows us to play the way we want to play it.
  9. I saw a build from Vallun that used celestial gear with Greatsword and mace/axe. It converts chill effects into torment damage. His build was meant for WvW but it looks like it could be slightly altered to work in the open world.
  10. Agreed. It’s very telling that Anet had a hard time coming up with ideas for mastery tracks this expansion when something as mundane and simple as a crafting and merchant hub was used as one.
  11. Looking back on it, it has to come from Echovald regardless, because there are no speaker enemies to fight in Dragon’s End. Must be a typo with the ingame description.
  12. I got it as a random drop while map completing in Echovald. It dropped from a random Speaker enemy there.
  13. I think this is one of the most self absorbed, clueless, unfounded, and worthless comments I’ve seen on the internet in quite some time. Good job. I’m actually quite impressed at the sheer level of your ignorance AND arrogance.
  14. It wasn't a problem. Anet just doesn't like people being able to run around and do things solo with relative ease. Because heaven forbid the easiest content in the game (open world PvE) be something casual and easy to do for the people who just want to relax.
  15. The empty maps thing is so true and very worrisome. For a new expansion, every time I’ve been on I haven’t seen very many people in the new zones and zone chat has been basically silent. I thought it was kind of weird and chalked it up to most likely just being in an overflow instance. But I keep hearing more and more people say that they are in empty zones too…..
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