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  1. Please bring back: Starborn oufit. I wasnt playing back then whenit was aviable and Im really hoping I can spend $$ for it.
  2. Crash. In game crash report menu shows up or im getting dropped to windows stright away.
  3. Hi, Im at the point in HoT campaign where You fight Mordremoth. I already hard crashed 5 times during that fight. 1 time during mordremoth apperance cinematic, twice on 1st phase and teice between 3-5th phase. Its getting kinda frustrating... Ive searched trough some topics on this matter. I am using 64 bit client, got newest drivers, laptop is fresh and powerfull enough for that game. Changing settinga doesnt help at all. Anyone have any ideas? This is kind of gamebreaking. I cant finish campaing because of this...
  4. Yea Im just worried that HoT wil take so much time. Ot requires masteries and need huge xp amounts on those. Im worried that doing HoT - >season 3 - PoF - Icebrood will be hard and I wont make it before EoD launch. Also I have those episodes etc done on my Guard and im not sure Ill be playin guardian still. Its possible to do certain seasons/stories on different chars and it wont break my experience?
  5. Thanks everyone for help. Ive gone for PoF ultimate edition as I would buy those gems anyway. Also the lily pass is great. I dont usually care for other stuff tho full makeover kit os nice. Ill probably buy base/deluxe EoD edition as it launches.
  6. Hi, I left GW2 quite a while ago - played at release till 4th chapter of living season 2, stopped due to poor pc. Then came back at HoT launch and left. Now im picking up GW2 again but im hella confused right now. My maim base character story is at chapter 7 forging a pact - so Istill need to do this personal story to the end. I havent done any living season 2. Im now ptogressing a bit into HoT story (just found the "egg"). I was able to unlock somehow living story 3 5th chapter, and last chapter of Icebrood saga... Not sure whys that or how that eve
  7. Hello everyone, I was active player since game launch till few weeks in HoT expansion. After that I dropped GW2 for other games but im considering getting back to it. I have few questions regarding state of the game and other stuff. Ive already did some reading but theres so much information that Im lost im those woods. Im kinda stuck tho on edition to get with PoF. Wanted to get PoF Ultimate edition due to special zone pass and that extra 4000 gems (I dont care about char recustom, outfit etc. as those things are minor to me). Someone in game
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