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  1. What are u talking about. It is still pretty good.
  2. Hmm i am getting you, but i have faith that some people like you will get what i am saying.
  3. You are more survivable on your harbi than core? Lol. We are done here. Nice joke btw. Edit:- Also, the meta is not going to be harbringer. It will probably be mechanist, bladesworn, vindicator and specter from the eod specs.
  4. Well, that and the fact that harbringer has bad sustain period. Take away the dmg and harbringer is useless. I mean it is still bad, but not utterly useless like it will become after nerf.
  5. Yes it does a lot of dmg, but its best attacks are highly telegraphed. All it has is huge numbers and too little sustain. I am not a necro main and so i have only fought against them. And reality is, it can be deleted by a +1 if people focus it. Even people complaing about vindicator gs5 is not great. It could use a a bit of dmg toning down. What nerf vindicator needs is to its sustain.
  6. The point of catalyat is that it is a pointless spec.
  7. The only ptoblem i have with virtuoso build is the constant evade and aegis which works too good against me playing a warrior.
  8. No, a thief could ensuee to never die while contributing nothing.
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