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  1. Thanks heaps I really appreciate the help and builds to kick me off in the right direction 😊👍
  2. So as the title says I am looking to level engineer. I know I am wanting to run flamethrower and dual pistol but for the life of me cannot seem to find a build. Does anyone have one they would care to share or help with this 🙂 thank you.
  3. Currently levelling my necro and will hit 80 very soon. I mainly play solo OW content but like to do group events and dabble in fractals also. My question is what elite spec should I work on first?
  4. You come forward with pretty good case I must admit haha 😄
  5. As EOD is just around the corner I have made a return to the game and wanting to pick a main as to speak. My focus is pve, open world content and also dungeons/fractals and raiding. What would be the "best" moving into the EOD expansion and forward.
  6. I am almost level 80 and wanting some guidance on what I should be doing to best gear up once I get there and things I should be doing once 80 🙂
  7. Will add you when I am online next
  8. This is amazing thank you so much I really appreciate your help 🙂
  9. Sorry, in my previous mmo experience being WOW I played pure dps classes. I enjoy playing a ranged pure dps class in wow for me that was hunter and mage so now sure how things stack up in gw2. I am just wanting to make the best start possible with getting to 80.
  10. I am brand new to GW2 however years playing mmos. With the expansion around the corner I want some guidance as to class selection. I only play pve and in the past would play a ranged class however looking this time at both ranged and melee. If I can get some advice on a class to choose would be appreciated.
  11. I have recently started leveling a rev and only lvl 22 currently. I am wanting some advice and tips for the leveling process would condition or power be best and any tricks would be appreciated.
  12. Thanks for the input I appreciate it guess I better start levelling and enjoying the class now
  13. Sorry yes I should have mentioned pve
  14. I have been looking to make an alt ranger and see a lot of LB/GS builds but wanting to see is LB and axe/axe a viable option?
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