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  1. Was not working for me. Buff never appeared, no credit given. And yes, I was choosing option 1, option 2 is just the final fight.
  2. If you don't move when you get into the instance, and wait until you can see the quest star over Rox's head, THEN move towards her, she will do her dialog once and you can rescue Faren without problems. Running up to her asap will trigger the dialog but not the journal, and you have to talk to her and listen to it again. There's a 4th bug: If you run up along various ledges before the last Pursue Scarlet prompt (before climbing up to the treehouse platforms) and walk up to the center area fence, Scarlet will teleport you into her arena and force you into the fight, which will not
  3. Having the same issues. This instance is incredibly easy to break. On replays, if you move towards Rox before she gets a quest marker over her head, she'll start her dialog but not advance the journal. You have to talk to her and have her repeat the whole thing (or log out/restart). This achieve just plain will not work. Been through the maze multiple times now without aggro, all the way up to Scarlet, and no buff or credit. No way to tell if there's some other req or it's the fault of the missing eligibility buff. I have logged into and out of and restarted the in
  4. The achievement was not added until Four Winds in 2021. This would be the last book to get if you started when the achieve was added to the game. That said, the info about being near Drooburt's Ghost, or somewhere in Might and Main, is all speculation since that information was added last year per wiki edit history. I have been on several maps now where we are all searching and no one is finding (apart from a troll who claimed it was in the NE caves but refused to tag up to mark it). In addition, the image on the wiki is of a different book - mouseover and it tells you it's the Mist Co
  5. This still persists. All other shipments are 600 jade slivers, but leather is 1600. Someone's finger slipped. There's no such discrepancy in prices when trading with the volatile magic/rose quartz/kralkatite vendors.
  6. I waited to talk to them until I'd finished the whole story. Maybe it's possible to talk to them earlier, but I never noticed them in EotN before that. They have a LOT of stored up dialog when you do it this way. There's also a recorder on the desk beside them that will replay their conversations. Perhaps using that will move things along if this is a problem on the character that completed the story. Related: The recorder lists 9 conversations. I have all of them unlocked (according to the wiki) based on the associated achievements. However EYE-G08 and EYE-G09 are both play
  7. It's normal? There's another sale period coming up around new year's. If you check the wiki for the thing you want (like storage expander) there's a table you can open at the bottom that shows past sales. Will give you a general idea when they happen.
  8. Had same issue in Drizzlewood just now. Bunch of beta chars basically cleared it with turtles. I hope this is a bug because needing to set up siege to hit stuff in all those areas is going to make getting the special mission done very difficult.
  9. This above. The story version of DS will take care of it, and you need it anyway for the return achieve....
  10. I started having issues with the last patch (not your issues though) and repair was working correctly for me then despite not helping me at all. Are you sure you are adding the -repair in the right spot in your shortcut?
  11. It's "downloading" almost 40k files. I suspect it's actually just verifying most of them, and that's why it appears to be downloading so slowly. We're all basically running a repair without being told as much. 😉 The game is playable ~20% through the patch. Anyone try playing at that point? I'm patiently waiting on my last 5% now. Yay! I got in on the first try! I exited and restarted the whole thing and got in again! I think it's fixed!
  12. They did. Yesterday. They know the problem and have a solution, and will get it to us asap. No word on when yet though.
  13. There are a ton of "fixes" here, that later folks come back to say no longer work for them. The only thing they all have in common is that ~3 attempts to log in were made before the magic solution got them into the game. It's all basically coincidence and we're all just being successful with our ~4th attempt to login, it just so happens that you did the above. I had the launcher re-dl the main game .exe, others copied a "new" dx9 file over to their GW folder, still others stood on their heads for 30 secs... you get the idea.
  14. For giggles I ran repair, which did nothing as expected. Also tried the run maximized idea above, all that did was get me a maximized error reporting window when the game crashed (but hey, at least there was an error report window that time, don't always get one). Still the only consistent way to get in seems to be repeated attempts, and ~4th attempt will work. The rest all just play audio with a small percentage generating the error report window. Fairly confident now that the "fixes" we are all inventing are just coincidental to the ~4th attempt as above, and have no actual be
  15. So I originally posted about renaming/deleting the gw2-64.exe. This worked at the time. Today not only is the game back to audio only, but deleting and redownloading the exe did not help. So back to square one. As to posting OS details and whatnot, does that even get read here? We've had no feedback or requests for info from anet so my thought is that they're not even monitoring this post beyond the "we know there's a problem" ~18 hours ago. No sense filling it up with everyone's system info unless asked. The only real solution at this time is keep attempting
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