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  1. It looks very much like WoW fishing. Which is dull. If there's a sliding scale between "Press F" and the fishing mechanics of FFXV, then WoW's is just a tick or so from the "Press F" end. Would have preferred something closer to the other end of that scale. AND have the extra effort be worthwhile. But making both of those happen would likely be outside the scope of this game. The skiffs are meh, everyone's pretty much covered what my thoughts are on them. Multi-person skimmers. Probably incrementally speedier or whatnot, but with costs far exceeding their relative improv
  2. Is OP asking highest PoI, or just highest reachable point on a map? I'm pretty sure Bitterfrost has some ceiling issues over the forest. Some dude was waaaaay up there on his mount during the Return event on the map I was on.
  3. I just want to point out that you get a ninth birthday gift if your character is 9 years old. Not if you've played for nine years (or even portions of each of the 9 years). You also get these gifts regardless of whether you were around in the appropriate year. Case in point: I took a 7 year hiatus and returned in May. All of my characters got all their intervening birthday gifts. It's nice that they were remembered, and by no means am I upset about free anything in this game. The disappointment is valid (reusing a title, really? Bugged food with 5 candles?), but the
  4. You are not understanding the problem, obviously, since what you just stated is what is NOT happening right now. Please stop.
  5. So I did the old achieves a few weeks ago, just before the season we re-released, and I know exactly how the missions run. At the time I replayed the whole thing from the start because I didn't realize there were purple replay points (those are new relative to when I last played ~7 years ago). At any rate, I know exactly what comes after Caithe's Recon mission. However after completing this from the purple replay point, the NPC I needed to talk to was not there when I was ported back to the camp. I repeat, he was NOT THERE. The mail I received after the mission was from Marjory, also unr
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