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  1. eh.. what is this new thing mesmer get? beside the animation.. am still a bit confused... so they remove the clone, and give you nothing new, and you are really happy about it?? good for you... i guess
  2. imo virtuoso need something new... Bladesong - provide aoe buff to the entire party, until switch to another. also might help if add some simple music would be nice (let us program our own song would be great. eg like how we play harp etc..) or -Sent out a flying sword, that flying around and attacking foe for x second. or -Conjure a phantasmal of past hero, to battle our enemy. Blade Renewal -make this a block
  3. according to wiki " Shortly before release, developers were told to remove it, and no official reason has ever been given. Due to time constraints the district was replaced by the Great Collapse." i did a search on old forum and find this quote from user Nick.6972 " this mix of styles received negative feedback from China and Korea, since those gaming markets traditionally prefer a uniform design" ok until here it all seem believable. but then i did some further reading, and find this quote from game designer AnthonyOrdon (https://forum-en.gw2a
  4. Other then blood, violence.. And openly hangs flag of a terrorist group. Am unaware of any culture appropriation. Say about this district been destroyed.. You got any proof? There are 56 official race amongst China. Each with their own culture.. Edit. Almost forget China also have issue with addictive substance..including smoking. And pronageph..which extend to revealing cloth..eg. Bad for child
  5. It is called "wangjin" or "网巾"。 originally wear by Taoist of both genders. During Ming dynasty it became a fashion for man. Which then spread through asia(including Korea). Do Korea women wear them? I do not know. But it was never intend to be a male only cloth, but for anyone who wear hat. Just saying.. it is consider very rude if you wear them without a hat. P.s. the traditional wangjin has a string that ties to the knots on top. we dont see here, which make it a "懒收网"。 Only front area being transparent, this is a popular style in korean. Overall this is r
  6. if they allow us to switch position and man the cannon... i would be really happy with siege turtle......
  7. i don't like it.. they should make it an jet or air plane of some sort.. not a robotic drake.... make no sense.......
  8. right..virtuoso have no healing, no mobility, no cc... and now they have no damage as well... why??????
  9. thats why i don't play with them.. why i play i expect to keep my loot..
  10. I know one of them is elementalist....what is the other one? I hope not ranger
  11. imo it is the right thing to do.. especially for class with very few choice of weapon..
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