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  1. not sure about you, but when i see twilight, i want that effect on dagger..or axe.....so i don't mind if they are the same.. what i mind is, will there be more then on set of gen 3
  2. no worry, i wear heavy armor, my pant are also made of Orichalcum
  3. Would be nice if charr run on all four count as mount... So another player can mount them for fast travel
  4. boat too.. if you want to cross the river you will have to hand over one fish XD p.s. yes, you can swim, but there is no style in that.
  5. I hope they add one later.. Really like the new theme..
  6. Hopefully underwater weapon on land.. Or none under water skill work underwaternow....or gliding up so basically infinity gliding
  7. True thats the reason i get it.. Beside fractal entrance Thank you ill be sure to check it out
  8. When busineas determind price of good. They measure buying power. Which is calculated through average income, price of similar product, spending habbit...etc. And of course expenses. Their gole is to milk most amount of money at the highest expense/earning ratio. Not simply convert currency
  9. usually cost around 2400 gem in the gem store. but i think you will miss out on pre order item.. title, weapon skin and cape
  10. thats why i buy it in game, everything show up instantly.. no need to input a code. all in all, i got the mail roughly 5 min after purchase, it contain a code that i need not do anything XD
  11. For that you need to use buying power. Not currency exchange. Say i earn 100 cad a month, Lb of bananas cost 5 cad Yiu earn 100 euro a month, Lbnof banana cost 5 euro Inthis case we could that if above statement are true, euro and cad buying power are roughly the same despite one euro might worth 2 cad
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