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  1. With the nascent coming of GW2 on Steam, I thought I'd offer some insight from someone who's already testing that setup. A quick primer on myself, I've had experience with MMOs since 2004, although I've only come to GW2 around two weeks ago. Currently I have 5 toons, all of them at or around 20 so I'm relatively new to the scene, so my experience isn't colored by years of traditionally doing it one way. Today I'm going to share my perspective as someone who plays GW2 on mobile. Included are thoughts and suggestions over how to improve the usability of controller based inputs, bu
  2. Well that clears up one or two things. The chat panel in "hide" mode is much cleaner. Thanks for that. Usually when something's hidden in other games it means that it's completely invisible so this is a good solution. I see the map legend you're talking about now. I'm not sure why that isn't just toggled out of its fly menu by default. I just assumed an eyeball in the lower left corner would toggle all the UI elements on the map, not open up a literal key. Honestly as useful and small as it is it should always be out imho. Maybe it's a failing on my part but I'd have never t
  3. The trick to getting any MMO control scheme to work on mobile is to be able to quickly toggle between cursor and action camera on the fly. This is even true with ESO using add-ons. In my case I'm using Steam Link with Steam Overlay and a custom built hud. While you can still use your finger on the touchscreen to drag and select things on the face of the device itself, using a control stick is often faster (if slightly less precise). https://i.imgur.com/hLMa9KW.jpg Since the phone is naturally a touch screen, I can supplement easy actions like pulling up menus with Rad
  4. Thanks for the tips, friend. I'll be sure to come back to this once I get a better footing on things in game. I was completely unaware of the collection stuff that heart vendors give, so I'll definitely give that a second pass. 🙂
  5. Just for fun I thought I'd offer the perspective of someone who's just recently come into the game. This late in an MMO's lifespan it can be a bit unusual to see someone's first impressions and it might prove illuminating to the devs who are undoubtedly trying to court more people into playing. The tl;dr is the world feels highly creative, but also impersonal; the combat's mechanically complex but overall mostly satisfying; and I can already tell inventory management is where most of the friction is going to come from. BACKGROUND A bit of personal history
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