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  1. yes. I'm actually kind of mad that my charr is medium armor and don't have a light charr 😕
  2. I know this is old, but I just bought the skeletal glider and backpack combo, thinking they'd both be dyeable, and nope, only the glider. .. so now I'm stuck between either not dyeing anything, or not wearing the backpack. and tbh that default green is too kitten neon for my taste. pls anet. I don't mean "make all backpacks dyeable", but changing the ones that come with a glider should be easy, since the model is the same.
  3. this needs far more visibility. I mean, I'm not too sure it works (I'm the only one in-game now to test), but at least I found the button, and it seems like it should totally work so yeah. thanks UPDATE: talked to my friend. he checked it. we both have the same guild selected. yet the "current assigned team" thing is still different. we both headed in to the "blue" map, we're still not in the same map ... so while this should work for "big" guilds (those that have assigned a team) it will not work for small guilds that don't have a team assigned. boo. EDIT: we both tried
  4. title. we have a "private" guild, mostly for cosmetic purposes. currently we're all representing it. yet no matter what we do, we all end up in different maps. suffice to say, we're all in the same server (blacktide, in case it matters). ... none of us are the greatest fans of the mode, but just joining a zerg and dying over and over, or just flipping the camps near the home base, was fun... when done together. but if we can't play together with friends, even when we're representing the same guild, what's the point? note: I'm pretty sure at least me and one of said friends have alway
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