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  1. Bladesworn dragon stance needs a buff. Core burst has more damage than dragon stance. or make loading the charges faster.
  2. In short , Warrior is just moderate in PVE and below average in PVP, Attacks are slow and very easy to dodge. Utilities well most of them are utterly useless and definitely needs reworks on most of it's utilities for PVE and PVP wise, in PVE warrior has become nothing more than a banner slave, whether people like to admit or not that is all warrior is worth in PVE. in PVP....wow is it has become terrible, I remember when Warrior was not exactly too strong but it was still strong, Now.. It's in a very sad state in PVP. very slow telegrahps that even a newbie can dodge it's attacks, builds are v
  3. Warrior Swords and Bow as a Damage & Condition type weapons are...In a understated word "Lacking". I know it is meant as a balance type weapons, as it is concentrated as both Physical Damage and Condition Type Damage. However because of such idea of "balance" for the weapons, The Skills and Mechanic of the weapons are Underwhelming. First of are the "SWORD" mechanics. Warrior Swords abilities are mobile Close range Damage & Condition Radius type purpose weapon, It is a weapon to quickly get closer to the target and keep the target from fleeing away. However It
  4. I Don't know where to begin with this, Guild wars 2 warrior, maybe the worst class in any MMO i have played, Continuous Unnecesarry Nerfs after Nerfs, Clunky and outdated weapon and utility animations that hasn't been updated for 4 years, Very Few Builds that can actually help it's class, without discipline it's basically useless as it heavily relies on such trait, it's weapon range and utilities are so small, that you can barely hit anything, In PvP It's been reduced as a main support class. Hammer and CC got nerfed hard that against classes that has long term stability and perma stability d
  5. The thing is, warrior has been nerfed and ignored or abused by incompetent developers who has no interest in fixing that is obviously a dying class. Guild wars 2 warriors are nothing more than punching bags now.
  6. most other classes deal 10k in 2 seconds, axe skills and it's f1 are easy to dodge cause it's slow as hell
  7. Admit it, Anet has no idea on what to do with PVP.
  8. It barely deals any damage as a side noder , completely useless in team fights.
  9. Strong? It's being out damaged by DH, Herald and reaper. and a "berserker" as support, wow what a pathetic state warrior is in. Do you honestly believe Anet? They kill classes, buffing the wrong classes and nerfing the wrong classes. Why do you think they keep nerfing everything and removing every amulets. Like they literally took out a lot of pvp items for the last 5 years, every year there's less in pvp
  10. The problem is even soft CCs that only has half a second CC doesn't do damage too. Which is warrior specialty, warrior is basically useless in pvp now.
  11. Warrior is fatally lacking in everything, Low AOE, Low Survivability, Low Damage, Utterly useless utilities, Doesn't have a standing role in anything, damage dealing is bad, support is below mediocore, tanking is above average of 5.5 out of 10, they killed warriors because of it's simplicity of it's mechanics, which is a bad idea, those who favors warriors in every MMO game they killed warriors in gw2, guild wars 2 warrior class, maybe the worst warrior class in any MMO, warrior is utterly useless without the discipline spec, both it's condi and damage build is so outdated, the weapon animatio
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