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  1. Honestly, the "but it's a cosmetic" excuse especially does not fly in a game where the end game IS largely cosmetics.
  2. I would honestly buy some of these if you could simply pick the ones you want. However, since they're hidden behind this kind of system, I will not be getting a single one. It's quite disappointing to see a dev I actually have a lot of respect for go further down this road (the elemental sword thing was annoying, but at least you could buy the selection box in game later on). Also, why not put at least a few of these in the game as really long term rewards. Some of those skins compete with legendaries and it would have been really cool to put them into PoF as super longer term goals. I know th
  3. Maps - amazing. Best exploration yet. Story - quite good and the final instances were some of the most fun I've had. This was by far the best story you guys have done. It's nice having a villain whi isn't just a force of nature. Mounts - shockingly fun. I can't imagine playing the game without them now. Music - beautiful. I love the race music the most. Replay Value - I wish there were a couple map metas like HoT. Bounties are alright.
  4. Are any of the HPs above veteran difficulty? I haven't come across any harder than that yet. They've all been very soloable for me. Are you new OP? Not trying to be disparaging, just legitimately curious.
  5. It's a bug. They aren't going to stay that strong.
  6. 100% agree. The siege and final fight are probably my favourite thing I've done in GW2. When I killed Zhaitan and Mordremoth, I didn't feel like I'd done anything too awesome. When I was finished cuttinf down legions of Forged, running through a burning city, and killing a fucking god whilst a giant fucking dragon fired down at both of us, I was estatic. Throughout the entirety of those instances, I was constantly thinking "aw hell yeah, I'm actually doing it!" Anyway, far and away the best story instances they've ever done IMO.
  7. 5 huge maps. Lots of events to do in them, but apparently since we don't have a timer in the top right of each of them going "hey, listen" it means there's no big events. I'm still nowhere near fully exploring these maps and I've already put a good 20 hours in. If you simply rush through map completion amd story everything without bothering to even look around, go for achievements, or do any events, then ya, you're going to run out of things to do. However, if you are the type of player to do that, it makes me wonder why you even play GW2... Also, the expansion is a lot cheaper than HoT and I
  8. Including taking my time getting mounts and some exploration, it took me about 12 hours. It felt longer than HoT to me despite having less acts. The story is way better than vanilla amd HoT too. I know that's not hard given how bad those stories were, but I was genuinely happy with the quality of this story.
  9. Just range him down. You don't even need to learn the mechanics if you do that. I didn't know this boss was considered difficult because I just camped longbow on my berserker after he sucked me in the first time.
  10. I think it's fine. It's clearly something you're supposed to work towards. The rewards from gold sinks in this game are often underwhelming imo, so it's nice to see them put something extremely desirable behind one for once. If all the mounts had a substantial gold cost, I'd have a problem, but this was a secret mount.
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