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  1. My idea: 1. Many teams formed by 3 players(premade or random groups) on a big map 2. Every player should have like 10 lives 3. Random short-timed buffs spawning on map (either collect or kill some kind of boss) 4. Small chance u can find extra lives 5. Make leaderboard, every team should have their own kill counter 6. Remove the downed state 7. Make rankup/derank based on how many kills each player did 8. Show your rank in openworld content too 9. Ranks just for individuals, not for whole teams 10. Rewards for top 3 teams, new titles for better
  2. I had an idea about BR in gw2. Should be looking like teams of 3 ppl, competing against each other in a bigger map. Give every player like 10 lives, place some random buffs on the map, small chance to find a life too. Make it ranked, so player would need a few kills to rank up, and top 3 teams should get some nice rewards. Is there anyone who would be interested in such game mode?
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