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  1. 'Mooommm can we please have a Vindicatorrr??' ..... 'No honey you have a Vindication at home'
  2. It's way too early to judge any of this from a 35 second teaser promo. Saying things like "It's foolish to think GS would be any different/superior to Swords in PVE or PVP" is a bit confusing. That's like saying why should a warrior have greatsword it already has axes...
  3. The burst is probably the Iai sheath I would imagine, kind of like full counter.
  4. Rev, Guardian , Warrior and Necro (with a bit of Engi here and there)
  5. This. A significant portion of this promo was in slo-mo for effect you can't use it to presume the actual speed of the abilities in game. We'll only get a better feel for that on Friday and next week.
  6. Yep, it's pretty metal. In Factions the Spear empowered your attacks once you got it, this is probably just a visual representation for follow ups and flavour I assume.
  7. I agree, I think the Spear attack may just be a follow up type skill. Personally I think the shout into dragoon dive is the elite. The mist explosion before the dive is reminiscent albeit in a very small way to the Jade Wind death wail from the original promo trailer and the end pose seems to be the Vindicator's signature pose (since it's in the artwork and emphasised at the end of the video. Here is the original promo video for anyone who hasn't seen it -
  8. Nope, not in the next one. The next one will be Vindicator, Warrior and Ele only. The one after that will be the 3 medium classes and then the final.ome will be all 9 plus the siege turtle
  9. Exordium's lore is also super spot on for Revenant so yeh I kind of have to make it now.
  10. Willbender also breaks the rules because it's the first time Guardian can dual wield a weapon.
  11. There are three interesting/justifiable things about channeling them in the context of Canths and EoD in my view - 1. They (together with Vizu) are arguably as responsible as Shiro for causing the Jade Wind or at least as impactful on the original narrative (of course only because they were the catalyst bit still, as you say they must have done something to be revered as champions). 2. Seeking out Viktor's Ashes and Archemorus' Spear were key in fighting Shiro the second time signifying at least some power particularly on a mists/esoteric level which is Revenant appro
  12. This is pretty much how I'm thinking it will work as well.
  13. Looks like it to me. Looks like maybe a stance dance, Archemorus offensive, Viktor defensive. Plus Dragoon dives!
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