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  1. I do hope this gets noticed, it seriously gets on my nerves: vindicator greatsword hits sound like hits with a wooden board. I double checked it, comparing to other greatsword-wielding professions. Fix this, please!
  2. Well, the example IS astonishing, but I didn't even see you evade a single time. Does that mean your armor and/or sustain is such that you needn't evade? How did you get your hands on such equipment, or what am I missing here?:)
  3. Yeah, and "concerning RP": I've got only the "burden of koda" to unlock using the "brilliantly balanced" pvp, so thank you THIS much, anet.
  4. Misjudging was always my undoing, so - thank you for pointing my probable mistake.
  5. To be honest: hopes only:). I played the game somewhere during its launch, and got caught in a lot of trouble in RL since that. Then I thought to myself "why not", and that was the cause:).
  6. Sorry to undermine your attempt to help, but the phrase is not so reassuring:). Anyway, my thanks for replying. The story is NOT that much interesting, compared to the best of single player game (sorry for the comparison, but that;s what I have "in store"), but it's good. it's got the good idea. However, I thank you for explaining the basics... my knowledge of using the Internet comes down to reading what's avail-ably written:).
  7. Thank you for replying! I need help with some basics of PvP (for the armor skins), and, in your opinion, which class I SHOULD choose for soloing a little bit more than SOME opponents in the OVERWorld ( as I like to call it), which is PvE.
  8. Sorry for the somewhat misguiding subj, but for me the game sums up to the following: PvE - run with the crowds, otherwise - you stomp regular mobs, but can't do squat against almost all champions and whatnot interesting. PvP - efficiency fest, for any profession. You either run the most optimal build or get wrecked. Boring. I get that all the time in RL, thank you very much:). WvW - haven't tried that yet, to be honest, but from reading the forums I imagine it's "run and prevent running", the rest doesn't matter that much. I actually seek help here, not trolling. I
  9. Thanks everyone who supported! Fingers crossing... well, that's all folks, he-he-he:).
  10. As I myself (almost) always say: there's hope... especially if there's nothing else:(. Still, better to die having at least some fun than not getting any:).
  11. Oh, I see. I did play the game then, but didn't get to the PvP point:). I understand your grief with the current "state of affairs", but wouldn't it be better if the class evolved with time, adding complexity and the need to REALLY overcome the evident disdain from developers? Not trolling here, seriously, just... dunno, trying to keep up with the spirit of a warrior, as they say:). I'm a newb, yeah, so I haven't had it yet with the nerfs, but I do read the forums...
  12. The concept of heavy hitter with passive defenses seems boring at best. With such concept, any combat has to go approximately like this: you wail on your opponent with you weapon and let them what... die? 'Cause they can't do anything against your passives? Correct me if I'm wrong in understanding your point.
  13. Yeah, I played the game back in 2012, and tried a warrior even then. I remember what it was like... well, vaguely, but still:). There's hope, right? Especially when there's nothing else but hope:). Thank you for your welcoming!
  14. After months of consideration and playing, I hereby officially join the underdogs as a Warrior-Spellbreaker main:). I don't care about balance shifts, metas and all that. I don't even care if I'll have much success in PvP or WvW. I join for the thrill of being a tornado of (virtual) steel, which is Warrior's Greatsword, and unpredictable burst of unstoppable blades, which is Full Counter. If any elder warriors care to throw some practical advices my way I'll appreciate that very much (especially since I've chosen Rifle as my swap weapon, for the sake of roleplaying), if not - I'll carve my own
  15. You know what? I thought so myself. Yep, ranger has blocks, evades, whatnot. Then I wanted to check if this is really so, in PVE (I'm a newb and for now don't PvP or anything). What I found out was that my spellbreaker, with the same equipment and level as my soulbeast, could solo much more dangerous (from my point of view) situations, both bosses and mobs. And of course, the feeling of being a tornado of (virtual:)) steel, whirling your way in and out of danger, countering blows aimed to fell you in an instant, IS what ranger totally lacks, IMHO.
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