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  1. Same issue here. I can open trading post and make use of it like what I normally do. But when I enter gem store the game crashes and giving me message "A serious error occurred" 😕. It's been like a 2 days problem for me now.
  2. Same. My effort of spending money to each eps of lw4 so I can do skyscale as quickly as possible, dont even matter. At the end, I still have to hold up☹
  3. So guys I am currently doing my story, living world season 4. Yet, encountering an issue on episode 6 : The End. I am on the part where I am supposed to use my (2) skill to shield against the slap of the tail of kralkatorrik, however a single smack from that dragon won't even reach me, is that a bug??. I feel like I am stuck here, I did replay and redo my game but thing still wont fix the issue. What am I supposed to do??
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