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  1. It's not a big deal or nothing but it does come off a bit cringe.
  2. Yeah I used a build like this, i might have been using ventari instead of jalis and invocation instead of retribution but yeah the thing is a tank.
  3. trim the healing on the dodge probably. it had unexpected synergy with the dps build and keeps the rev alive for too long which goes against the 1 dodge mechanic. Edit: this was sarcasm people
  4. Forreal. The water heal is legit and doesn't require any investment to be really strong. This opens up the ability to focus on straight up tankiness, and basically what I've been playing, although not since the buff because I havent hopped on my ele yet, is a full signet bar with the signet trait in earth. The extra toughness is great, being able to get heals from the signet and press it on demand allows for some little sustain that catalyst misses out on as well as the attunement swap heal in arcane if you take arcane. Rune of melandru or rune of orr (if thats the one that reduces condi damag
  5. Ok, good. 20% on all stats should definitely be harder to maintain then 10% on all damage from a more easily obtainable source. The most optimal choice would be to go for around a 15% bonus from getting the full 10% from aura trait and maintaining an average of 5% from EE. If EE was easily maintained, there would literally be no purpose of the aura traits. You can complain about it being just stupid traits, but I think it's a little absurd to say that EE should be as easy to maintain as the aura traits since it has a potential of 2x the effect + more because it effects more than just dam
  6. honestly I'd rather them not have hammer 3 orbs doing much damage, it forces all the other skills to be mediocre and not very impactful and forces a rigid rotation in which you have to keep them up for as long as possible. With the passive buffs it's still necessary to keep air and fire up for dps rotations, but it is less rigid and will be more dependent on other hammer skills to make use of them which I think overall will be better. Before the patch I felt pretty efficient at playing catalyst and hitting the skills I wanted to when I wanted to, but I always felt screwed when you would have t
  7. can they still crit for crit traits? if so then 1 damage is better than nothing just for some extra hits, except for augments and glyph of elemental power in which it will waste hits
  8. Like the changes, but hopefully it comes to pvp because the hammer is going to play completely different in both modes. Really like the orb passive buff tho, going to be able take a lot of hits.
  9. Dude forreal. Like I learned the game from pvp, but my pve builds and equipment are usually unfinished and I don't really practice rotations on a golem so I just kinda go with it. I know my skills, I know when I need certain things, and I have rotations of my own liking. I've beaten the meta multiple times, beat that one strike people complain about every time (not the one with the balls, haven't really seen a group for that one), and do fine in everything. Wanna know the build I'm running? It's catalyst, the dumpster fire of a spec that everyone says can't perform or do anything. I run Fire-3
  10. That whole 5 man berserker team was possible because the only role was dps at the time. Kinda made things one dimensional. I will agree about the boon meta though. We are at a point where 100% uptime is the baseline. Anything that is required to be up 100% of the time should just be standard at this point because everything will be balanced around that. Aegis was done kinda right in this regard. It's a really powerful effect for just 1 hit, so it's use is impactful, but it doesn't alter the way your character fights and doesn't cause balancing issues in such a big way. When playing ele, with s
  11. Like they could have done a bunch of different stuff. They could have gone the channeling or restoration route, if they went the spirit route I think they could have done a kinda like mixture between necro minions and mesmer clones in that you would get spirits who were chained to you or something and they could either be like minions who stick around and do their effects, or act like ammo/resources for different effects. they could have even made it where you summon the spirit of whoever your channeling. I know minions and etc. probably aren't ideal things because AI is never a good thing to
  12. This is actually really nice to hear.
  13. I keep reading these responses and boy do people apparently suck at the basics of this game, no offense. I'm assuming there's a lack of desire to get good or learn to be better or something so people keep trying the same thing getting the same results. I'm playing catalyst on a non-optimal build, getting like 13k dps on bosses, but playing the mechanics. Have had no trouble on the strikes so long as the guardian knows how to apply aegis and healing knows how to heal, and the meta is a matter of getting a mediocre group of people who know how to switch target from the head of the dragon to the
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