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  1. The same thing happened to me. Did you ever get an email? I logged in game and used the link from the trading post. I got all the items like character slot/booster/shared storage ect. But I didn't get an email confirming my purchase or serial number. edit, the email just came in with the serial key.
  2. I bought the game through the trading post link in game. I got the extras, booster/character slot/ ect. But I didn't get an email with the serial key. Anyone else have this problem? edit, the email just came in with the serial key.
  3. Same problem here. Will allow me to create but when I get to naming it tells me to delete an existing character to continue.
  4. So far I got the starborn outfit and thunder horse staff. Don't use the outfit much but I really like the staff skin.
  5. This is my concern as well. I was thinking the same thing, I sincerely hope this is not an indication how EoD will be rolled out. But I believe Anet will learn from this. Or at least I hope they do.
  6. Thanks for the heads up. I guess I was hoping that as they released more of the chapter they would also unlock the recipes to upgrade or make the volcanic weapons.
  7. So is this page incorrect? the part in particular ""collect new Dragon Slayer weapons, upgrade your Stormcaller weapons to Volcanic Stormcaller weapon........maybe I'm misunderstanding it. I thought there would be a way to upgrade stormcaller weapons somehow. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Main_Page
  8. You know that feeling when you see a big present under the tree. Getting all excited to open it, then find out it was just the parents tricking you and it's really just a pair of socks? Yeah Anet that's how I feel about this timer countdown.
  9. same thing happened to me as well. I was able to log in one one but not the others. an hour later I was able to log in my main but then not any of the others. all code 42's
  10. This person gets it, Everquest gets it. Not that it's up to me, but I think this is the perfect solution. As I said in the original post, "When a player is actually controlling a Necromancer or Ranger, they have plenty of AOE for loot without the minions and pets helping them." I never mentioned changing anything about the way minions or pets work other than tagging for loot. Those AFK'ers aren't loitering around the winterberry nodes to help players, or any other location. They pick those spots because veterans are there in hopes of better loot. The vet that spawns at the log farm in
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