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  1. We're aiming to have the post out on Friday. A little bit of a weird work week for us with the long Labor Day holiday weekend. I'll keep you folks updated if anything changes!
  2. Thank you for the reports, everyone. We're working on a fix for this and expect to have it out with the September 21 release.
  3. When I started getting into WvW again, the first thing I did was ask in EBG map chat if any guilds were recruiting. I was picked up almost immediately (they didn't know I was a dev) and the guild I joined really helped me get up to speed - finding the right build, learning the meta, etc. Highly recommend finding a group of players to play with. 🙂 Also, many worlds have a "server discord" where pug groups are run out of. I'd recommend asking around to see if your server has one and joining it.
  4. ICYMI - the first World Restructuring beta is slated for Sep 24 - Oct 1. https://www.guildwars2.com/en/news/guild-wars-2-live-fall-and-winter-2021/
  5. It's coming, don't worry. We didn't want the festival to overlap with the elite spec beta event since they're both effectively time limited content and you don't keep progress on beta characters. Stay tuned!
  6. In the July 2 blog we said we'd be back in August with more information on Alliances. It's coming, don't worry. 🙂
  7. Profession Skills Combo Fields and Finisher Skills Combo fields have received updated, higher quality visual effects. Rectangular combo fields do not yet have updated visuals, but they will be updated to match in a future update. Combo finishers will now prioritize using your own combo fields before those created by other players, where available. The icon border for skills that are combo finishers will now be highlighted while you are standing within a combo field. Projectile Finisher—Water Field: The radius around the struck enemy in which allies gain regeneration
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