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  1. Wow. I agree the mac client is garbage, and as a result nobody plays on it, but I used it to check the AH on my work pc often etc. I would play full time on the client if it ran well like the wow client... but now you guys are killing it? What the heck are all my gem purchases funding?
  2. No offense, but just CC the necro. Sure, the death magic, spite lifeforce regen build is pretty tanky with trailblazer gear, but it has 0 stab other than a single well. Just CC that over and over. It also does pitiful damage in return compared to a terrormancer build etc.
  3. Wat. Right here is where you prove you are not a good player. The basic concept of countering something with another thing you outright reject. "Why should i wait to leave shroud?" ... uhh because its got a 10s cooldown and its their only defense mechanism so you're taking advantage of it? No different than taking advantage of someone double dodging to hit them with a burst or CC. Please tell me you are a troll post and people like this don't actually exist who can't understand the concept of counterplay. Do you think endure pain, elixir s, or other class damage reduction buffs are OP too?
  4. Getting hit by more than 1 arc divider...Big oof, ppl like you are the reason warrior got nerfed so much that the class is no threat in higher level of play, because ppl know how to dodge. In low level you can stomp with any class. wish i had a dodge at the ready, but endurance don't just recharge because I want it to. Thanks for the tip tho.And there is how we know the problem. You always save a dodge for emergency purposes. You should never be out of endurance except right after dodging arc divider. :)
  5. How are you losing to a reaper as a ranger? Especially soulbeast. Run hyena... infinite leaps.. gtfo out of range.. axe us down... wow. Also, of condi necro/reaper... sigil of cleansing is OP as shit.. just use it.
  6. No just stop touching it core is fine. Stop gutting the traits that make it work. :(
  7. I have an idea.. have the signet operate as it used to, and .. proc when you are hit by something. Double the value in shroud. Done. I still don't know why they had issues with this passive. It was incredibly good in roaming and fights.
  8. Minions are generally only used for npc farming etc. They are poor damage generally and overall unintelligent in other game modes other than open world farming. Most performance builds don't really use them though they do make open world farming a breeze.
  9. ... Barrier support scourge was finally being useful in small group roaming / solo roaming. It's not like we're full of heals, so being able to barrier people up was pretty dandy. 15 fucking seconds now? You literally had scourge in a good spot again (not broken in zergs due to target cap, useful in small group again). And you just killed it. Why?
  10. Agreed on build. Blood builds are fun but, too easy to keep lifeforce down. I prefer signet build myself and see success with it even post nerf to signets. I do swap armor out for wurm though when generally roaming.
  11. Core condi necro is countered pretty hard by anything with CC. Reaper seems to be doing better in wvw than condi core. Reaper is my goto for roams/duels etc. It's all about timing your shroud ends. Once you are caught out of shroud its a free 10s of damage on you. Some of it is damage modifiers. Rangers and soulbeast get a ton of stacking modifiers. (Maul + sicem for example). Overall though, soulbeast can easily be "overtuned" for damage. Still, as a reaper you are one of the harder hitters out there. It's not uncommon to get 3-6k autoattacks on a target with vuln in shroud. Spina
  12. Signet of undeath took a nerf with signet trait. Used to increase effect 50%. 33% now and it only works extra in shroud. Also. new vampirism signet sucks but with the nerf to well of blood not much better heals to use.
  13. You get Fury in Shroud (Only if your Fear hits! Have fun when it's blinded, dodged or blocked.), which you don't need as you either run Death Perception (Soul Reaping) or Furious Demise+Target the Weak (Curses). A build that does not run any of these is not viable and won't be with Dread. And you get Quickness in Shroud which you get anyway since Onslaught is the only viable GM trait for Power Reapers. This is a buff for core power roamers. Honestly the signet of vamprism change is a nerf though and so is the signet of suffering trait change. I ran SoS on my reaper for the shroud uptime but
  14. Speed tunes reaper. Very possible between wurm and spectral walk to juke and outkite
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