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  1. You are looking for the Reality rifts. Full list at https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Reality_Rift
  2. As Randulf has mentioned they're in the process of moving the game engine to Direct X 11. Jame Fulop published quite a detailed post on their Official site back in September setting out what they hope to achieve. By the looks of it they should be significant. You can read all about it at https://www.guildwars2.com/en/news/directx11-support-is-coming-to-guild-wars-2/ You also might be interested in this write up from the Guildjen website. It is really written for taking high quality screenshots from within the game, however it takes the time to go through all the graphic settings and what t
  3. The above needs to be printed out and stapled to the foreheads of the developers. Some good ideas.
  4. Edit - Hmm, actually you are partially right, some of the posts are from October 2021. The majority are however from Tuesday. So I will apologise. The advice however remains filed under B.
  5. Yeah not quite sure how or why the thread was merged into one three years old, but if you could be bothered to check the first few posts only the first 8 are old ones. The rest date from Tuesday. Okie dokie....
  6. Sure, I understand things can take longer to fix than anticipated and I'm sure they are trying their best but simply posting we are aware and working on it is really the bare minimum, and tbh what everyone would be expecting anyway. However thank you for pointing out those posts, guess I'll keep an eye on that subforum.
  7. Thank you for pointing out those two posts,. The being raised by me was that there are no explainations as to why its happening. It doesnt have to be super detailed but an explaination as to why some people are being affected and not others would be nice and secondly what sort of time frame are we looking at for a fix, a day, two days, a week? Surely they could take a minute to post that sort of information.
  8. Yeah that would be nice, Porcine and Devourers are light on numbers, whilst Felines have too many.
  9. Update from my post yesterday. Yesterday had the issue where I could hear the sound but the client was minimised on my start bar. Tried running the client in administrator mode by right clicking and selecting "run as administrator" - that worked. Played for a while. Logged out (big mistake). Came back later couldnt get in either by running client normally or by running as admininstrator. Had one instance where I got the "GW2 has encountered a serious error" box and was able to email details to anet of the crash. This morning tried running the client as normal. Nope still music and loc
  10. Try the Juevenile Siamoth with Soulbeast. Unmerged it does Jab, Maul and Brutal Charge knocking stuff down. Its a Stout pet so adds toughness and vitality when merged. Then you have the nice merged skills F1 - Maul - it actually hits twice. In WvW mode (not sure about PvP) it hits harder than GS Maul. You end up with two mauls from Siamoth and two from the GS/Hilt Bash combo - adds up to a lot of damage. F2 - Brutal Charge - an on demand knockdown. F3 - Unflinching Fortitude - take no damage for 4s, removes movement imparing conditions (cripple/chilled/immobilisation) and it is
  11. Agree, you beat my edit 🙂 I was about to add that a lot of the Ascended ones are probably easier to get via zone currencies than raise tradeskills to the required level to make an exotic version.
  12. Exotic backpacks with selectable Captain's stats according to the Wiki search https://wiki.guildwars2.com/index.php?title=Special:RunQuery/Equipment_query&Equipment_query[rarity]=Exotic&Equipment_query[supertype]=Back+item&Equipment_query[prefix]=captain&_run The above are all created by the different tradeskills. If you want Ascended ones https://wiki.guildwars2.com/index.php?title=Special:RunQuery/Equipment_query&Equipment_query[rarity]=Ascended&Equipment_query[supertype]=Back+item&Equipment_query[prefix]=captain&_run
  13. Last night patched the game and it worked ok. Shut down and then this morning attemtpted to play again. Had exactly the same issues as described by the OP. Game Launches on the Start-bar, music plays but it doesnt open the character select screen. Tried right clicking the GW2 icon on my desktop and ran as administrator, that worked. Logged out, shut the machine down. Clicked on the GW2 icon as normal (without right click/run as administrator) - that worked. Machine is Windows 10 fully patched. Not using any add ons in game. Not using the DX11 beta. Latest NVIDIA drivers. Game always r
  14. Just run done Darkrime Delves with a guildmate. Neither of us could open any of the chests in the instance which, after having read the above posts, appears to be due to the fact that we have opened them in the past on these characters. I personally believe that a lot of this stems from Anet not testing content on stand alone/non Developer accounts. They probably just create a character and run it through the story to see if the added achievments work which, looking at the history of all the cockups with the "return to" achievements like the Llamas, they do on new characters - hence Q&am
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