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  1. Thank you for sorting out the issues with Ranger pets, long overdue. Could someone take a look at Soulbeast Daggers, both main and offhand and see how theyre performing overall. Some nice changes to the PVE mode. Sure we can over analyse them, but in the main the average player is going to benefit quite a bit from this. Hopefully the WvW and PvP Devs are taking note
  2. Just had three crashes in a row. EU Servers. 1st one I had arrived in Divinities reach at the Crown Pavillion Waypoint. Turned and ran into the portal taking me to the Queens Pavilion. Loadin screen came up, the little loading circle was in the bottom right hand corner. Crashed with the email us the crash report box popping up. Logged back in. Managed to get into the Crown Pavilion. My guild mate was in a seperate instance so I created a party. Tried joining them and was told that instance was full. Waiting about 3 minutes. Tried again and it allowed me to transfer. Loading screen came
  3. Juvenile Siamoth is a nice one. to use As it is a Stout pet it will increase your toughness by +200 and Vitality by +100 It also has Maul ability that hits twice whether or not you are merged or unmerged. Couple that with the Greatsword Maul (and refresh with Hilt bash) and you are looking at hitting a target with 4 Mauls in very quick succession - thats a lot of damage.
  4. It will be fine. Don't forget - Fire Elemental is required for:- The Tyrian Service Medal Nevermore I Nevermore III Rodgort I Hope III Incinerator III The Flameseeker Prophecies III : The Chosen The Svanir Chief is required for:- The Flame Seeker Prophecies I: The Experimental shield Incinerator III: Spark The Predator III: The Hunter Behemoth is required for:- The Tyrian Service Medal Skyscale Lost Mad Armory: Last rites Nevermore III: The Raven Staff Twilight III: Dusk Nevermore IV: The Raven Staff Sunrise I: The Experimental Daysword Howler I
  5. The flipside to this is that if you are a player that doesn't have the Infinite Watchknight Tonic, you can now get it for free by doing the achievments and thereby saving yourself 25 laurels and 15 gold (or other currencies if you choose to purchase by other means). Seems a nice item for those that don't have it.
  6. This isn't acceptable really. Windows 11 was released to manufacturing in June 2021. It was released to general availability in October 2021. It has got to the stage where most pre-built machines come with Windows 11 by default. The Official GW2 Support page on their site states that GW2 requires Windows 7 or Better (64 Bit only) to run. Barring a rediculous arguement about the exact meaning of the words "better" and "later" most right minded people would go with the view that better means later in these circumstances. For reference Steam Stats show that 21.23% of their users are runn
  7. They're also available from the last chest at the end of the repeatable End of Dragons PvP and WvW reward track, the Canthan armour box https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Canthan_Armor_Box you can also get the Ancient Canthan armour from the same chest.
  8. Something a bit different - the Lord Hizen Dagger/Dagger and torch build. There isnt much in openworld content that causes it problems. It is a beast, high condition damage and survivbility. It can solo champions with ease and some bounties too. Movement isn't all over the place and you can literally stand there and facetank most stuff 🙂 This is the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wsiZxWl90fM&list=PLpBh4KskobjRJ6LHNSDllfAK2GDjELnIl&index=2 This is the build on GW2Skills.net http://en.gw2skills.net/editor/?POwAgi%2FlZweYRMJGKeqXfP3REH-zRJYkRLfZkZK0bBo3BIctwbh3PN-e
  9. ^^^ seems a reasonable way to advertise help to newer players. If as you say you are only posting messages about 10 minutes apart then that isn't really excessive. Are you cutting and pasting the same message into your chat window or manually typing it? Could it be that the chat window is detecting the cut and past and hits you with the supression filter? Try manually typing it?
  10. Its pretty much ok as it is. The only things I would agree with is the fact that loosing fishing stacks when swapping a map isn't good. The obvious solution to this is would be to allow the stacks to move with you if you actively select the swap map icon when it pops. Moving to any other map should remove the stacks. The other thing I would alter is allow the dusk/dawn fish to be caught for a period starting and ending 5 minutes before and 5 minutes after the dusk/dawn period, giving a 15 minute window rather than a 5 minute window.
  11. As I said in the email you sent, glad to help, but give the gold to a new player in a starting area for me. They need it :)
  12. The first picture is in Fields of Ruin. It is a cave that is slightly north of the Wreckage of Bloodgorge Watch Waypoint. It leads north towards the Ebonhawke Delegation Poi The second image is in Lornar's pass and is at a Poi called Ironhammer's Crypt. If you go right to the back of the cave you will see that wooden crossbeam thing. The third image is easy, it's the tunnel leading away from the doorway into Canach's club in Arborstone. In the picture the yellowy area is the main part of the area towards where the fishing vendors are situated. I'm struggling a little on the last one.
  13. In answer to your questions 1) Ranger, Warrior and Thief, but thats because I know what they are and don't have to look at the wiki to work out what their skills do. 2) Not all of them. I don't like playing Guardian because I find it far too easy to play. Though saying that I've played Firebrand for less than 2500 hours so realistically I might not have a proper feel of that Elite. 3) Ideas? Sure, let me know what time the next "Not so secret" Developer chat channel is and I will post them there.......
  14. Think the OP really needs to go visit the "Not so secret anymore" chat channel and suggest his thoughts be implemented by the Balance Developer... of course they might need to time it carefully in between the Dev playing their Firebrand for the 2501th hour and them typing /wiki what is a ranger....
  15. It's at times like this that I feel really sorry for all the people in the music/graphic/programming/story departments at Anet who keep coming out with some amazing work only to have the balance team come up with stuf like this. It's like have a Ferrari with a steering wheel made of monkey poo.
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