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  1. Spear of Archemorus bug possibility. In short, if the target dies after the skill is used, the spear still launches, but it's range seems to shorten after the target dies. I was in Drizzlewood Coast where there are groups of enemies and groups that spawn often. Now, I'm not sure if the projectile launch mechanic accounts for bumpy or uneven terrain in game, if it does, maybe it's pulling in the numbers and data from the steps in the path of the spear's direction and that's why the range shortens just enough to be annoying to miss a backline target. The range on the attack is
  2. Unpopular opinion, I'm okay without sword OH, but I would have preferred to have seen mace offhand for more crowd control at launch. It also wouldn't look too weird aesthetically to see a thief with a dagger main hand and mace off-hand. I always envisioned thief as that swashbuckler/urban rogue type of profession in GW2. Like a rapier/1-h sword in main hand and something blunt to knock people out with made sense to me. Daze a target and then steal from them. Sure, we got pistol in offhand with headshot and blinding powder, but I would have preferred to see more knockdowns, launches, an
  3. Welcome back! Yeah, it was a learning curve for me too! I came back after a long hiatus and saw some nerfs. I primarily focus on pvp and wvw these days. This is a long strategy post. Someone already mentioned to use Daredevil for dodges and I second that. I would also recommend for WvW, full marauders armor with berserker trinkets for more damage. D/P is great, but Sw/P is even better as daredevil in WvW roaming for more damage output. As for PvP, if you are going to use Core Power Thief, you must use sleight of hand. Essentially steal becomes an interrupt, steal recharge is reduced
  4. See I prefer DE rifle in zergs for focused target damage and DE mark with sleight of hand to interrupt. When I can pick off one target at a time and move on to the next, it's much more helpful for me. Plus, using D.P skill 3 to close the gap on a target and finish with a backstab or heart seeker is better in EB when you are attacking towers or SMC. I can see exactly where death blossom can be beneficial for combo fields and that's something I do like most about it, but the increased initiative cost makes it gas out pretty quickly in zergs when all hell breaks lose. I think from a pvp per
  5. True! But, I typically use heart seeker as a finisher or with black powder shot to go stealth for backstab set up. Plus headshot gives a nice stun. Typically in WvW, I'm running either D/P and Rifle as DE or Sw/P and SB as DD. I shied away from D/D in WvW solely because it's not viable in zergs and the damage output in a pure power build is less than Sw/P or Rifle as DD or DE.
  6. That's exactly it! Thief has to rely on backstab when using a power D/D build, while most of the skills on D/D, except for heart seeker, cause conditions. So essentially, you are using two skills and a weak auto-attack (to generate initiative) combined with stealth for power D/D builds. You may as well use Sw/P for more power and stuns and swap to D/P for the backstab only. The way that Power D/D Builds work is through reliance on the backstab-behind enemy setup. Which renders the other skills useless since they don't do much raw damage. As of now, if you're planning on using
  7. I may not have been too clear. I don't like the CD on backstab and how it's power was nerfed. Instead, I would prefer more condi on top of power. Backstab used to deal more damage and now the power decrease in PvP is significant to make it an average or above average skill versus a excellent slo;; (see below for the nerf language). I would prefer backstab to actually add conditions upon hit. Either immobilize, bleed, confusion, torment, or some combination of conditions to give dagger skills more conditions. When I think of an actual backstab, a person would bleed, be confused, and unable
  8. Actually, I don't swap to D/D until my target is at 50% health so I can cause a quicker kill . Or if I am in a group setting like 2v1 or 3v1 since it causes a lot of havoc on the enemy team in pvp. Nothing is sweeter than loading up bleeding, poison, and torment on a DH, Tempest, and Ranger, and watching all of their health bars go down rapidly. But, I do use sneak attack, repeater, and pistol2 quite often with steal and dagger 5 to go invisible. That's where I load up the bleeding before I swap weapons and finish with dagger and poison. Signet of shadows is also nice since I have the trai
  9. Pretty much. It got nerfed so badly since launch that they may as well rework. See with D/D it should be either one way Power or Condi, not a mix. I think Condi would be more useful and viable, especially since Dagger 4 causes torment and cripple, and Dagger 1 causes poison; it only naturally makes sense to have backstab cause more conditions instead of high power damage with a terrible 1s CD when stealthed. That 1s CD really hurts thief in PvP, there is no room for error. With my condi build, backstab is useful to apply spider venom, but with a lack of power, it's not that strong.
  10. In PvP with Death Blossom, I use a condi core thief build with deadly art traits that adds poison to dual attacks and more poison to deadly art traits with my other weapon set being P/D. Using this setup with DB, I can stack 6 stacks of poison with spider and bleed, plus skill 4 for cripple and torment and the enemy can't run away. The downside is that heart seeker and backstab doesn't deal as much damage. I think Death Blossom works best with a condi setup on core thief with venom traits in shadowarts. The kills are quick and with P/D I can constantly stack bleed. A couple days ago I go
  11. I can see the parts where it was fake unless they made changes after new leadership came in. I think a good 60% of that leak was fake, but some of the post's content is similar to what we have. So either, that leaker really came up with some good lies or had some knowledge that he twisted on his own. But, there were a lot of weapons and mechanics that were in fact wrong so I'm not banking on all of the content, but we'll see. Now that my hype has cooled down a bit, I'm certain the new mechanic will work like Necromancer's shroud + Warrior Adrenaline where the gauge is filled up and
  12. True! I am wondering if we thief will get a new mechanic itself. I saw a leak on reddit from months ago that said scepter would be offhand for thief. The leak was incorrect about some things since it was from a tester who played EoD before the release date was pushed back and surprisingly some of it was accurate about the new specs. Thief may have some mechanic where other players are healed from thief's attacks while simultaneously damaging enemies and providing boons in combo fields. I don't know, we'll see what happens in these next few days.
  13. NEW Weapon the GUN SABER! Pistol in offhand too! It could be a mechanic for them!
  14. That was an awesome trailer! Glad to see Rev get Saint Victor and Archamorus from Cantha! I think utilities are going to be support based by providing boons to Allies. Rev is one of my three favorite classes so I'm glad to see them get this weapon.
  15. That looks like it creates a ball of energy or elemental energy to be hit with the hammer? or launched with the hammer. Idk, ranged hammer ele sounds amazing.
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