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  1. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts. I do not think I agree entirely with what you are saying though. To me this reads like you think that it is not worth treating these cases equally to actual duplicate armor cases because the number of people who would actually benefit from such a compensation is small/non-existent. I do not know the numbers, but neither does anybody else (except maybe ArenaNet). What I can say is that for me the compensation would have been a good thing. I do not own runes or sigils and I could very much make a lot of use of a light/medium set. My decision to
  2. What are the choices you get from the backpack compensation box? Is it literally just one of the three legendary backpacks?
  3. That is interesting I did not know about the T3/T2 thing but looking at how the armory handles uniques it does make sense why it would do that. That reinforces my feeling that this is just an oversight. Would you say your example is very different from mine though, and do you think both cases should be handled differently? In my opinion both qualify for compensation. The combination of your duplicate sets should not matter in my opinion, only the fact that there now is one extra set in your armory that serves no purpose whatsoever, neither functional nor cosmetic.
  4. Not caring and trying your hardest to invalidate other people's concerns are seperate things though. I don't think what I'm asking for is unreasonable, it is a situation where nobody really knows if it is intentional or just overlooked (it's a very niche scenario after all) and only ArenaNet could give some insight into that.
  5. Many people are trying to argue that the armory brings so much QoL that any kind of critizism is invalid. It is a strange stance especially since there already is a system for compensation in place, just that some very tiny parts of the playerbase might have been overlooked. After seeing that people are even trying to argue against compensating players for excess legendary runes/sigils I lost a bit of hope for support from outside the affected part of the playerbase.
  6. The armory was a huge project and there were tons of things to consider, I'm not suprised it's not perfect in every aspect but I do wish they listen to the community's concerns and try to communicate those topics if that makes sense. I have seen many valid complaints about different aspects of the armory that do not even affect me and not everything has to be fixed a week after the implementation either. Just a little peek in these threads and a comment like "we hear you and are looking into it" would absolutely make my and many others' day/week/month/year.
  7. I completely agree with you, don't get me wrong. I am happy that not only my Warrior and my Guardian can use legendary armor now but also my Revenant. It's great and I really appreciate ArenaNet creating this and making it completely free for everyone to use with no monetization whatsoever. My point as I have mentioned is that the inconsistency between the scenarios I described might be an oversight. ArenaNet did after all decide to compensate people for their crafted armors in a very specific way, it is a thought out system.
  8. Compensation in the context of legendary armory and duplicate legendary items means something very specific and something entirely different from what you are trying to make it. I see your point though, we do not have to agree.
  9. I can because of the legendary armory, not because I had 2 sets that now have as much functionality as one would have. But so can a person that did get compensation for an excess armor set. We both paid the full price for our sets, yet only one of us got compensation. "Sorry. I don't feel for you considering I don't even have a legendary trinket yet. " This edited part ofyour previous post is hard to understand for me though. I hope you are able to emphasize with people that are in situations that do not resemble your own.
  10. Not sure if you read the whole thing but I will asume you did. I would not call that compensation, it is just the functionality of the legendary armory. What I was trying to say and maybe failed to so is that a person with 2 raid sets and a person with a raid set and a WvW set would now be in the exact same situation had ArenaNet not implemented the limit. And the limit makes a lot of sense because it protects players from literally useless legendaries. And it appears they missed the scenario I described.
  11. I see, thank you for showing me. The search functioned did not bring it up, guess I used the wrong terms. Seems like that topic died down with no conclusion. The replies are similar to what I encountered discussing it. Seems like an unfortunate situation that is too niche and requires some effort to understand/emphasize with. The issue with people having everything already that is offered in the compensation chests is easier to empathise with, very straight forward and will probably get a solution soon. Not too hopeful about the armor after reading that topic.
  12. Hello everybody, I would like to bring some attention to a matter that probably does not affect a lot of people and most likely many will not care, but it is worth a try. I have talked about this with friends and also customer support, who eventually suggested I post here. What I want to talk about is "duplicate" legendary armor of the same weight acquired in different game modes. Firstly, I will explain how the legendary armory handled those items, in case some people are not sure. I've read in other posts that some people were unsure whether you could even add e.g. a
  13. You're right, this is probably an oversight. They should revisit the system.
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