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  1. All I'm saying here is. Not everyone has the same kind of choices, or can afford to upgrade. Some people depend on what little they get, to survive. They might have enough to say, pay for internet, but let's face it. Most computers today are modestly expensive, even if you build your own you're still looking at a rather good chunk of change. Even if windows itself said hey we're upgrading to windows 11, which by the way they are saying such a thing, Doesn't mean that other people out there, can afford the next thing that comes after xp, or after windows 7, or after a switch.
  2. Again, Macintosh will always be a somewhat-minority when it comes to a big decision like this. But ask yourselves how would I feel, If I was put in a position where I can no longer enjoy Guild Wars 2, because they've chosen to make a significant change that effects the supports earlier mentioned. I know games have to update and developers eventually have to go to the next selection of tech-upgrades. But where does that leave the players? Where do they go, if they can no longer play something they've possibly spent years in?
  3. Steve let's dial the clock back a while shall we? Just because some of us can afford to buy new machines, and upgrade from one system to the next. Does not. Apply to every last human on the planet we call Earth. Telling someone to just let go might not be so very simple for some people to do. Especially if they have no other options. Oh and I notice you didn't once mention anything about Macintosh either. It won't always be so simple as to just "let go" Consider how you'd feel if you couldn't possibly manage to keep up with every console, or every system that is made. Now add to that h
  4. So in the recent announcement, Guild of wars 2 is not only ending support of windows xp and 32 bits, But it's also terminating macintosh support as well. This means that people who own a windows xp, 32 bit system or even a macintosh will be unable to continue to enjoy the game they've possibly followed for years. Arena net, while I understand you have to make way for the end of dragons, Why do you have to end support in order to do so? You basically screw anybody who owns a macintosh or a windows xp or 32 bit system, simply to upgrade to direct 11x. There are plenty of po
  5. Ragnar, with all due respect, you cannot possibly call it the skill of a good player vs a bad player when there is more than one player battling the opponent. I wasn't just placing down test of faith and procession of blades, I was also placing down dragon's maw which guarantees to pull and hold the enemy in that spot. Now you combine that with the fact that the soulbeast ranger was facing off against a dragonhunter, and another charr together, attacking at the same time with, all of both of their professional skills, and this ranger still somehow lived against us both. That isn't balanced
  6. I think when a guardian, who's level 80 and a paid upgrade member, and his mate, are both battling a single. solitary soulbeast ranger, and 3. Count them. 3 traps are not taking this ranger down with the both of us attacking this one Ranger, I think then that there's a very. serious. problem. With the entire idea of balance going on. I have never seen a ranger class capable of taking that much damage output, and not fall. Regular rangers? They would certainly fall to a 2 vs 1 with a series of 3 traps and the trapper rune and damage output I was putting into that battle. But a soulbeast ra
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