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  1. Can I join bigskag is my main characters name lvl 25 tho
  2. I'm looking to join a guild that does all types of content I'm on eu
  3. I only just made the guild so we only have two members but we are active nearly every day
  4. I know you are looking for a medium size guild but I just made one and only have a few members if you want to join
  5. Hell developer is a small guild not a lot of us are active but I'm looking for more active people to play with
  6. https://discord.gg/3CRtmgtm2c is a link to hell developer guild discord server we are looking for new members
  7. Hell developer is looking for new members https://discord.gg/GY5NYJdZp7 is the link to our discord server
  8. Hell developer is looking for new members if you want to join just join the discord server https://discord.gg/GY5NYJdZp7 and tell us your characters name and I'll add you in to the guild
  9. we are a small guild that would love to have you in the guild we wish to make a kind and loving community
  10. if you wanna join the guild then join the discord server for the guild https://discord.gg/GY5NYJdZp7
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