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  1. Im late to the party as i just picked this up maybe 6 weeks ago, but having played through the story, I wanted to thank you and lay out a little bit of praise. 1. STORYLINE 2. CONTINUITY/ SECOND BEGINNING. I like how SOTO is a clean break, and a new start without requiring a bunch of knowledge of the old expansions. I’m glad you made the addition of the Drake much easier to acquire, even though I already have my own Skyscale. This has been great, and especially for my daughter who I got playing. I have played through the personal story with her, and even though jumping to SOTO, won’t be perfect, at least it’s not a crazy abrupt entrance to the story, and she’ll be able to play on a Skyscale with me! 3. MAPS. The beginning map with the islands is really fun to fly around on and Chase events down. I also like inner Nayos a lot… gives me that Orrian vibe with a heavy dose of demonic/Metroid feel. 4. PROFESSIONS. The elite weapon crossover is a welcome feature, though I would’ve preferred a much bigger investment in re-upping the core weapons that are under performing. I am bummed that the new weapons were not available on release, and this is part of where I did not buy out of the gate. I hope you really double down on old traits, old weapons, and old utilities. OVERALL - 8/10 I really like what you guys have done with the story and think you’ve done a great job at setting it up for taking Guild Wars 2 into its next era of play. Keep it up!
  2. Id like a power core guide also. I wish there was a good Lifeblast build. I loved playing that in vanilla… now its just lame elites…
  3. I actually agree with your overall sentiment. I would have preferred they kept gliding and had no flying mounts… Heres my thought since it really isnt likely to have anet make a seperate server… Allow a 10x (or more.. make it HoT equivalent) difficulty setting for core Tyria. Lord knows it needs it with how much damage level 80 players with mounts do in those maps. Make it harder by massively buffing mob HP and damage output. i know most people Just Tome of Knowledge right past 1-80, but they are cool levels, or at least wear when they were harder to fight through and harder to move through. It would be cool to have a hardmode setting that would group other people that want a challenge together on a server like that, if possible, which it seems like this suggestion is. You could keep everything else the same, just make the maps harder.
  4. Maybe add a shield skill fact to shield: when a equipped with a MH melee weapon add 5% power damage.
  5. Sword needs help. Cant compete with hammer on damage or utility! problem is how? Cant pair power sword with condi oh pistol and compete w hammer. Cant pair it w shield and get as good dps as hammer. i think it needs utility on a skill, and a bone or better condi on an additional skill.
  6. 1) i dont trust the devs to actually improve this 2) the issue is that maxing dps means multiple kits and piano style rotations. I dont thing pages solves this issue and could actually make it worse. 3) at the end of the day, i think its better to just leave them alone. Honestly, im worried theyd butcher engineer if they screw up kits.
  7. Weapon swap would be fine if no use of utility kits. But as said above, this would be confusing for new players, as would finding a way to put all kits in a weapon slot somehow. no great answer, I’d love to have shield in an offset instead of a kit, personally, but I don’t see a clean way of doing this yet
  8. Seems like necro has the best builds to make chill do dmg. how do ranger and ele compare? Does engi have any chill build?
  9. Thanks for the heads up. I’m doing it more for the theme and to change up play styles from my usual burning aoe builds or kiting mesmers. Not looking for the most effective top 10% builds but do want something that functions at 80% or so, or at least be unkillable in pve.
  10. Hey all, I’ve been wanting to come up with a few heavy chill builds, both in open world pve and wvw. I am currently getting ready to build a condi/power necro reaper hybrid. http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PSwAgiZlJwqYKsGWJWWTfNVA-zxQYrojzrGU4QUKFEOAA-e Any other builds in necro, ranger or other professions with good heavy reapplication and long duration chill builds?
  11. I really hope they do this. Instead of pressure working on new things, take the time and invest in outdated stuff that needs an overhaul to be competitive.
  12. Core burn guardian. Lots of aoe burning. Easy to max 100% burn duration with several rune sets.
  13. But then Phalanx is competing w shout healing. I don’t think they should be competing as you want support warrior to bring healing and boons like a Firebrand.
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