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  1. Hello Everyone! Thank you for all these posts and even if they are merged still shows the topic of having or not having Tengu as a playable race or matter of fact having a new race is discussed. The thing is if a new playable race would be considered then the Tengu is on the top of the list. The reason for my original post was made as I viewed one of WoodenPotatoes video many know his videos and his knowledge about GW1 and GW2. I will not try to provide a summary of what the video is about as he does a very nice job I think in covering both sides of the argu
  2. That is funny about the griffons but I think Tengu lost their ability to fly so I think they will splat when they land from a fall. I would imagine if they cant fly they should be very fast runners like the Ostriches.
  3. Hello Everyone! Just got back from vacation and it is wonderful to read there is still an interest in this topic. We shall see if this will happen in EOD or future expansions. Thank you all!
  4. Since Beta till now is alot of time. Please Note, this is nothing new, a playable Tengu race has been a request since beta along with Cantha we now getting Cantha in EOD. Thank you for your reply
  5. Thank you for your reply. I agree after thinking about it. I will be happy with a endless tonic.
  6. Hello ANET As the title reflects: When can we get a playable Tengu Race? I still have hope we get the Tengu playable race to be added and please not like the Endless Kodan Tonic. I know many asked for a Tenug playable race for years and I hope this can still be possible – what a better time if that new race be introduced in EOD. Thanks for your time in reading this post.
  7. Apologies in advance, I have a few questions with the new Legendary Armory + legendary Weapons + Runes. Will I get some kind of compensation for the same extra legenday items which I will no longer need? Are they going to be automatically removed from my account and compensated for something else when the new patch tomorrow? No compensation on the following same items and taking a loss? Note, I have the following: - 2 same WvW medium legendary armor - 2 same WvW Legendary backpack - 12 legendary runes - 2 same legendary Shields
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