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  1. I can see we play two very different games then. As Necromancer has rather bad access to almost all of those. No point in arguing with someone who has never touched necromancer, or other classes. It's just going to go around in circles, and I am not going to waste my time on someone who does not play the game. I will just let the forums rip apart that argument for me.
  2. But not a lot of defense compared to what a glass cannon class generally has. It is an elixir that is on a 90 second cooldown. Let's look at one of the glassiest options for PvP for example, say Power Trapper Dragonhunter, it has about the baseline same defenses passively. But then when we add skills, even this glass cannon has a decent amount of defense options. On the F skills, we have a pull on a 20 second cool-down, Wings of Resolve which passively restores hp with an active that acts as an 800 range leap restores a rather good chunk of hp and removes 2 conditions on a 30 second cooldown w
  3. Looking through the thread, yes it was mentioned a lot. But not just in Harbinger, but in pretty much EVERY feedback thread. No one seems to like the Condi, Strike, Support they are trying to force into every elite, but they are trying to force it anyways.
  4. Sadly, yes. And it is eating up 1/3 of the traits trying to make it work, and it's just not going to work.
  5. I scrolled through the feedback thread, no one actually complained about it. The closest I got was an off-handed message saying something on the line of "It did take me a bit longer to build up LF than I expected." But that was about it. I feel like they just nerfed it because they felt it was too strong.
  6. I see your point, but it also needs context. Base necromancer is not squishy, it has the highest base vitality of any class, this is due to having the highest base health as well as shroud that is based off from vitality. As a trade-off, necromancers have very limited active defense options, like worm, spectral armor, and spectral walk. This is usually fine because Necro and Reaper have shrouds which effectively double their already super high HP. Scourges spew out barrier like a fountain which helps them survive as well. Harbinger however lowers their hp to around elementalist levels, but the
  7. To add on to this, Necromancer as a base doesn't have many ways to avoid damage like other professions, which have a good handful of options like using invulnerability frames, aegis, evades, reflects, barrier, and such. Necromancer doesn't have these options because it has shroud, so necromancers have absurdly high health instead, which is why 'focus the necromancer' is typically what you do in PvP because they have no way to really stop themselves from being pressured like that except to have a spectral cord away from the fight and/or a worm. Harbinger shares this weakness, but not only remov
  8. Well, I expected each Elite Spec to get better, not worse as they are trying to actually sell these to us currently. They weren't good in their previous 'strong' phase, now besides a handful of nuggets of viability almost all of them got trashed and had tiny buffs that don't matter. I don't even play mesmers and I feel so bad for Virtuosos, their spec was one of the worst and now it is nerfed to oblivion, it doesn't do anything and has a whole line of useless traits. I am not even sure how Harbingers are supposed to survive, their defensive options were god-awful before, now with no passive he
  9. In development time, a year and a half isn't all too long for larger features, they need time to flesh this stuff out. Like I wouldn't be surprised to hear mounts took a year and a half to make.
  10. It's not the most flattering armor, but it does fit with almost no clipping, but I expect all buttcapes to look as awkward on them as it does on charr, so RIP medium armor wearers. I feel they are slowly building up to playable Tengu, and they used Tengu in EoD as they want to use the models they already worked on so far. The model is relatively new, about a year and a half, and a project this large takes a while. But there will likely be armor touchups, but mostly similar to charr models.
  11. I can pull some heat off from them, this was found out a while ago, and just recently made public knowledge.
  12. They might be building up for it in the future, there was something interesting that was datamined. Tengu now have an armor map, and wear charr armor with the same mapping.
  13. The game is doing fine, the X-Pack might not sell as much as PoF, as that expansion gives you the best mobility and the best overall E-Specs in the game, while EoD only gives you fishing and lukewarm E-Specs. But it is still one of the highest played MMORPGs out there. Poor X-Pack or not, expansions sell and provide content, and many will buy it for the story alone. I don't agree with this, especially since this X-Pack is coming directly after IBS and are leaning too heavily on story considering how badly that panned out and if EoD's story is bad on top of the boring features and lukewarm E-Sp
  14. I agree with this, when I saw the adorable ball of floof in the background I fell in love with it. It's honestly much cuter than Quaggans and Choya for me. It kind of reminds me of a Pomeranian, but more bird.
  15. I am getting this bug too. except I don't even get music. It just leaves me on the desktop with nothing clickable. I can get in apparently, but it takes many attempts to do it.
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