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  1. I have felt exactly the same. I felt sad at the end of EoD, I just felt like it was the end. Neither are the same creators of the game so... I think it was a ending to the whole story. Now they will begin to experience new things and will surely include things that are not related to the classic GW2 at all, It would be great for a Guild Wars 3 and it would be an opportunity to update everything and add new classes.
  2. Just keep trying, get stronger and prepare with an organized group, that's the fun part! And if you get frustrated, well that's life, don't try until you feel better. You can buy the egg anyway but stop asking to make the game easier because it ruins the fun of the challenge of achieving something!
  3. holy kitten i hate that all classes are condi and you can't play dps or mele i feel like uninstalling the game my play style doesn't suit anything they added it just sucks.
  4. Dh is better. Pd: Anet if you reading this pls not nerf DH to improve willbender please, dont.
  5. Hi Anet, i really love this xpac, the music, the story, the new styles, is just beautiful, really, but I want to start playing with my Willbender And I want to complete my sword purifier collection But I can't get the kitten badge because the boss never shows up, we were making squads of guardians waiting for HOURS and it's been a week now, Please include fix this issue next Update is getting frustrating for Guardians we want to complete this collection pls
  6. I agree. I was looking forward to the patch but they haven't fixed the problem. frustrating
  7. I think is bugged, I have finished a post on bugs recently to see if they read this and fix it at once
  8. 1) I've been trying to get a Willbender badge for days, I need to kill a purist lieutenant But these are nowhere to be found in Kaineng, I have done the meta and also killed purists and lieutenants in Echovald and have not received the item. This is getting frustrating 2) The phileters to get the trinket are not found in Echovald, but in Kaineng yes (there is a transcribed error in the achievement) Pls fix this 🙏
  9. same here! I've been looking for all the maps for five days and I still can't find purists and if there are, they don't give the item! Any solution? @Anet pls fix this!
  10. Has it worked for you? 6 days fishing every night and I'm still missing 😵
  11. Ok i just found a another one. When my character Find A baby room in Joon's mansion My character, Charr, says " she has a puppy?" And TaImi says "Hmmm yes...you mean a son?" PUP Lmao love Charrs
  12. Taimi At one point in the story says "she has beautiful fur, look at the commander's fur" (im charr) lol Also I love sarcastic comments from both my character and the NPCS
  13. I totally agree the reaper can be very good for you, it has ranged damage, you can send minions to fight for you, you also have a double life bar. You can use armor attributes that give you toughness which will make you practically invincible. Necro also has a friendly rotation, the scourge can also be good, you can put on a shroud without showing shadows and damage only with closeness, that will depend on the build you have. However scourge is much more dependent on others because he is very weak Source: I am main necro in pvp and wvw
  14. I have been two days without being able to play .. this is sad Makes me sad
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