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  1. I was using Phoenix and White Tiger, both of which caused this issue. So at first I thought it might be something specific to EoD pets, but I played with Snow Leopard for a while to test it and have gotten the same issue with it as well, so that's clearly not limited to EoD pets. As for mounts, I've gotten that error message when I dismounted from Skyscale, Raptor, Skimmer and Jackal, so that's most likely not unique to a specific mount either.
  2. While I was leveling my ranger I got an error message upon getting off my skyscale (with the mount/dismount key, not mount engage) which said "Unable to swap pets while cooldown is active." even though I had just gotten off my mount and wasn't trying to swap my pet. This issue has happened multiple times and on other mounts as well, so I guess that issue might be related to ranger rather than a specific mount. The error message seems to be random as it doesn't appear every time I get off a mount, though I don't remember seeing it before the last patch either. One thing to note is that I'm usi
  3. What was even the point of further nerfing an already slow weapon which is also the only ranged option available to all specs? Forced Engagement range nerf was already a huge indirect nerf for hammer which made CoR annoying to use, but at this point people won't even bother stepping out of CoR. Scavenger Burst is mainly used for boons and endurance, not for damage. Likewise for Nomad's Advance and Phantom's Onslaught as those are used for mobility and not for damage. Buffing damage of utility and mobility skills instead of skills that are actually used for doing damage like Mist Unleashed
  4. If by fixing you mean killing it then I agree, they are doing their best to fix DE meta. Requiring an organized group, especially one that asks for voice chat, experience and a specific comps is absurd for an open world meta. Meta events should be able to be done by players who just walked into the map. This is how every other meta in the game work and it should be the case for DE meta as well. Unless Anet will do proper fixes to DE meta, it will end up being another Serpent's Ire, if not even worse in terms of participation.
  5. There is an easy solution for that. If you don't enjoy exploring new maps with flying mounts, then explore them on foot. Using flying mounts in new zones is not immersion breaking. Skyscale is a loyal companion I have raised from egg and trained, so if anything, not taking it with me to explore new lands would actually have been immersion breaking. I would permanently quit GW2 the moment they do anything of that sort. I've never had any problems with setting a goal for myself in the game, so that sounds like a you problem. Taking away a mount you have already unlo
  6. It should require capturing SM solo, also as soon as any of the guards at SM aggro another player you are disqualified and need to try again.
  7. EoD metas are extremely unrewarding compared to HoT, PoF or IBS metas. Currently I'm doing all of the EoD metas (except for DE meta which is overtuned, but this isn't the topic for that) because they are fun, but there is an insane difference between rewards from them and rewards from old metas. Doing any one of the shorter mirror puzzles in Bjora give the same amount of loot as doing an EoD meta, except the former takes around 5 minutes while the latter can be between 30 minutes and 2 hours depending on the meta. This is simply wrong and they need to greatly increase the amount of loot from E
  8. I didn't play FFXIV so I don't know how things work there, but raids in WoW don't scale, while item level of gear increases in each patch and player level increases in each expansion. Your group can ignore almost all mechanics of a raid from earlier patches of the current expansion, and for earlier expansions you can walk in all by yourself to kill raid bosses with a single hit for a chance of mount or gear appearances from that raid to drop, even for highest difficulty for each raid.
  9. There is no excuse for Anet to gate one of the most advertised features of the expansion behind an absolute mess of a meta and a strike mission. I got my mount yesterday, before the event was nerfed. Collection itself is alright for most parts, if a bit expensive (though nowhere near as expensive as griffon), but requiring a strike mission for that mount is another bad decision. I usually do strikes on a weekly basis so that part wasn't a problem for me , but a vast majority of the playerbase is simply not interested in instanced content and even if they'll complete Dragon's End meta, the
  10. That's not how it works. The problem isn't solved, because one of the most advertised features of the expansion is still gated behind that overtuned mess Anet tries to pass as a meta.
  11. Do you wanna get an abandoned meta? Because that's how you get an abandoned meta.
  12. Talk about irony. If you want a challenge, gather a squad, make sure to not do any pre events to not get the buff and do the meta like that. This meta is way too overtuned and it needs to be nerfed significantly. I seriously doubt anyone enjoys wasting 2 hours of their lives only to fail the meta and return empty handed, as this meta is nothing but an absolute waste of time as it currently is.
  13. CC on greatsword is my biggest issue with the spec. The lack of CC is so bad to the point of making the spec struggle to deal with breakbars in PvE. Take a look at other weapons revenant can use: Hammer has Phase Smash (chilled for 2 seconds) and Drop the Hammer (knockdown for 2 seconds). Sword has Chilling Isolation (chilled for 2 second) on mainhand and Shackling Wave (immobile for 1 second) on offhand. Staff has Warding Rift (blindness 4 seconds) and Surge of the Mists (knockback). Mace has Echoing Eruption (weakness for 3 seconds). Axe has Frigid Blitz (chilled for
  14. That's the biggest problem. No open tags means players in smaller guilds, players without guilds, players in PvE guilds and casual players won't have any option to experience even semi-organized WvW. Another issue is the damage this'll do to server community. Logging into a team of random players without any familiar names wasn't exactly encouraging. Overall, Alliances completely screw over pretty much anyone who isn't already in a dedicated WvW guild with medium/high population. It won't be good for the health of the game mode in the long run.
  15. Setting endurance cost of all dodges to 100 is a nice indirect buff to power builds and adding a toggle for Alliance legend skills is a welcome change especially for support builds that use Ventari/Saint Viktor. For power builds, it doesn't quite put Archemorus back on the table as I'm still planning to stick with Shiro/Jalis, but of course I'll still give it another try in next beta to have a more accurate opinion about it after these changes. During last beta dodge wasn't working properly as it wasn't an immunity frame. I have been feared during dodge and I remember other players
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