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  1. "Accept the harbinger's challenge and complete the Sunqua Peak fractal with no one in your group being defeated."
  2. Not working on CMs, resetting on boss kills and only one wing per week sounds like a fair downside to a stacking "maybe with this you can do it" buff.
  3. No, no, you are wrong, Raids are not PvE, because in WvW the Keep Lord is an NPC even though there are a bunch of players - that can kill you - are trying to prevent you from reaching that NPC.
  4. He must have seen a video where someone got killed as sacrifice on Matthias and uses that as a reasoning why it's WvW. "Oh, this content is literally just like any other PvE content, it's like WvW!"
  5. I'm not the one defining what others need to do to get Legendary armor, Anet already defined how to get it. It doesn't matter if Raids are PvE or not in your opinion, by their structure they are PvE. Players play together against enemies controller by the game. WvW has players fighting on top of fighting NPCs as well. I will repeat it, in Raids you only fight NPCs, you can't fight other players. That's why it's PvE.
  6. "I want the thing, but I don't want to work for the thing" Also; "Player versus environment or player versus enemy (PvE, also known as player versus monster (PvM)), is a term used for both single player and online games, particularly MMORPGs, CORPGs, MUDs, other online role-playing video games and survival games to refer to fighting computer-controlled enemies - in contrast to PvP (player versus player)." Directly from Wikipedia. The Raid boss is not a player, so, it is PvE, glad to clear up the confusion!
  7. You are not bypassing anything by using multiple characters to do renown hearts on Istan to get Istan's map currency. Renown Hearts and metas are map content.
  8. When I was working on Vision I did the hearts with all my characters, takes like 15 minutes max per character. 75 Kralkatite per character. I made 675 Kralkatite a day just from hearts. Map completion gives 25, doing both metas give 15 each. Buying them with Eternal Ice is something you can do if you don't want to do what I mentioned before. LWS3 has no such bypass, which is honestly worse. Getting 250 Blood Rubies and Jade Shards took me more effort than like 3000 Kralkatite. Out of the two materials Airship Parts are the ones that are worse to get. Airship Parts are also gated w
  9. You can't really compare DE's optional preparation to Drizzlewood's mandatory Ready up part. It's also worth noting that DE is kinda comparable to Drizzlewood in potential hourly profit, so, you do get rewarded. Drizzlewood's main driving profit is Commendations while DE's is Imperial Favor.
  10. The "high failure rate" is the only thing exclusive to DE. Dragon's Stand, Drizzlewood, also involve repetitive and long tasks that are essentially the same.
  11. Read my comment a bit below the one you quoted. Ever since the late March change to the meta I stopped joining on reset and instead joined around XX:30 with one being at XX:55. You don't need to spend 1h30m on the meta, not like that's much when many other metas take the same time.
  12. My last attempt doesn't really count for how long it takes, because I dropped into the map like 5 minutes before the fight with Soo Won(The Kralky part was on). I stopped joining the map on meta start around the late March change to the meta. With that it's 30+20 for me. The meta not being done by everyone now that it's no longer new and flashy helps in joining maps halfway through the prep part. You also no longer need to spend a ton of time on the map stacking the buff to 10, you only need like 5 now and the escort does the rest.
  13. The meta takes about an hour, so.. yeah, you need to waste about an hour on it.
  14. But does it matter what was in the past? I mentioned a couple of active Discords dedicated to Raid Training with people advertising runs, including training runs.
  15. As far as I know we are not talking about the past. People going for their weekly clears instead of teaching others how to raid doesn't mean the community isn't built for raiding. People are not required to make squads for training. Many people don't want to spend hours on a single Raid wing training people when they could just clear all wings in a few hours.
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