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  1. Only Forest of Niflhel seems to be affected by this bug.
  2. They should redesign the spec. Oh wait, ain't gonna happen bois.
  3. Mechanist Feedbacks pt.2 [sPvP] I'm going to say in advance that all the suggestions/critiques I'm going to list here are just regarding sPvP mode. I have enjoyed the changes been made so far, but personally I think we're still a bit too far from the goal. 1) Playstyle: Mechanist still feels too much passive gameplay. Passive signets mechanic + Mech AI overshadow too much (in my opinion) the class itself. The mechanist feels more like a tool that helps the mech, and it should be the opposite. We need a more challenging and active gameplay, among all the new elites this one feels the one with the most passive gameplay. 2) Signets: The adjustment on Shift Signet was good and needed, a blink with stunbreak is something the class could take benefit from, although it shouldn't be the only stunbreak available (I know we've got one on F2 if we take GM trait Crisis Zone) but Engi in general has access to some stunbreaks through the toolbelt skills, if the toolbelt skills gets removed, we lose a lot of options when it comes to stunbreaks. *Elite Signet: At the moment the activated elite signet (big laser beam pew pew) feels useless: first of all is too predictable, easy to dodge and still doesen't retarget enemies fast enough. At the moment the elite signet is better on passive gameplay due to the synergy with the other signets. Keep the elite signet on passive is useful also to recall the mech on the battlefield as soon it dies, since we can't afford to wait 50s, it's too much. Wasting this elite signet just to make the mech have a nice cool animation that does nothing is something we can't allow/afford. 3) AI Response: With the addition of the keybinds to recall the pet and attack the designated target, you get more control over the mech, although... We're still not there. In certain maps, for example Skyhammer, the terrain and obstacles are just too much of a challenge for the mech to followup the player. Sometimes you're forced to use the shift signet just to teleport the mech to you. A possibility would be to allow the Jade Mech to teleport to your position when the terrain feels to difficult to cross. Although I don't know if this would make the pet too powerful then. In fact, kiting the mech should still be intended and promoted. 4) Ranged attacks: Some of the ranged attacks are very slow, and they can hit the enemy if stealths as soon the laser cannons are used. I think it shouldn't be intended this way. The pew pew beams also follow up the enemy around a corner. I think if the ranged attacks would have a faster animation it might fix both of these problems... Again I don't know if this mechanic is intended or not. 5) Mace: Changes on mace felt good, although the autoattack chain still feels clunky. It might be beneficial adding a cone range to the autoattack chain, similar to sword AA. I mean, you're swinging a "baseball bat" around you so everything that comes in range should be hit... 6) Mech survivability and downtime: I'm still not convinced about breakbar in sPvP, in fact if the mech gains stability it doesen't get the breakbar broken (sorry for the wordgame). Another problem is that condi damage kills the jade mech way too fast. We can consider condi damage a counter against the pet, but it would be beneficial adding another tool of condi cleanse (without being forced to take Elixir Gun) either on the mace weaponset or on one of the other signets (Yes I know that shifting signet is condi removal). Last but not least, when the Mech dies, 50s of waiting is way too much, without your jade mech you're basically half of a class. I think a good downtime would be around 35/25seconds, at least no longer than 35. 7) Weapon set: Can the mechanist be the only elite spec that allows the engi to have 2 weaponsets like all the other classes? At least without the mech we can increase our utilities and compensate the loss of toolbelt skills. 8 ) Crit chance: Limiting access to the crit chance of the mech leads to the result that only certain builds could be played or certain amulets would be picked. I am not convinced about this choice, is it connected to PvE balance? Would be good to find a middle way or a balance in between, maybe make the crit chance scaleable based on the amulet you pick in sPvP. I have left the bugs out of this topic, since it's feedbacks only, but ye the class (especially Pet mechanics) needs a good polishing and tweaks.
  4. This bug gets worse in sPvP. So far no fix has been found. I hope someday devs will acknowledge this and put on their "fix board" (if there is any).
  5. Glad to read that \sarcasm. Will we have a fix to this issue anytime soon? Probabily not. Apparently it seems affecting mostly who has New gen GPUs (But I might be wrong on this last detail, it's just an assumption I've done asking to some ppl in game!).
  6. Same problem here. I'm getting crazy, don't know what graphic setting I have to lower to prevent or mitigate this issue. In PvP is driving me crazy.
  7. Absolutely not. Would have been better if we could merge with the mech or pilot it. I know that would have been another photon forge look a like... but c'mon... Would have had more sense than an afk AI pet dependent profession ._. Or, they could have given robot extendable arms, so mechanist could have been a monk-like melee spec with maybe and I say maybe some grabs (Like Blitzcrank/Vi from League of Legends).
  8. I am going to write some considerations about Mechanist. Sadly I play mostly sPvP in GW2, so my all critiques are addressed towards this game mode, I haven't tried the new elite in PvE or WvW, so my point of view is influenced only about and regarding sPvP. I am starting this reply with a quote from cards against humanity: I don't even know where to start, so I'm going to list my considerations step by step. AI Intelligence: The mech feels clunky and not responsive at all, gets stuck in walls and doesen't follow you properly, or sometimes takes different routes that make him stuck in the middle of nowhere. We aren't ranger, pet is not an accessory to us, the mech is the core of the elite, if he doesen't follow you properly and it isn't where you want, you're food to your enemy that might catch you out of position. Also it doesen't have a fixed range like Ranger pets, so potentially it could chase you endlessly. Signets: some of them have nice mechanics, but giving access to only ONE stunbreak is very annoying. We have lost all our toolbelt skills which were giving us some stunbreaks or utilities to help us surviving. Having only one channeled stunbreak is something very hard to cope, especially if the enemy takes the advantage to attack you while the mech is stuck somewhere on the map. BreakBar in sPvP... Why? Let the mech be susceptible to CC like ranger pets, or give it a different mechanic, maybe something related to the signet the Mechanist is using or an immunity to CC like 3 seconds after it lands or so. 100s CD on Crash down when the mech dies: Nope. You can't take away the toolbelt skills and then leave the Mechanist without his main feature for 100s in sPvP, that's sadly to say... wrong. You said that you were "considering" if lower this time window or not, well yes. Especially if I use the elite to do damage on target and then my mech dies... At this point I'm always saving the elite to summon the mech back on the battlefield, since it has more value then a big AoE lazor that you can't even retarget. Condi damage: Not having an issue with condi dmg per se, but it seems that mech is way too weak against condi damage, not only, the class and the traitlines aren't very equipped to face condi dmg and the other traitlines who have some synergy with the new elite spec don't provide enough cleansing. The only cleansing you have it's on a 40s CD and removes them only from the mech. Major Traits: the idea to let us choose the moves of the mech based on which major trait we take it's cool, but, some of them feel mandatory and others are like not worthy to take at the moment. Not only, they affect mostly your mech and not the profession per se, there should be more synergy between mechanist and mech. Considering that we lost toolbelt skills which is an essential core mechanic that goes on the other 2 elite specs (Scrapper and Holosmith) the tradeoff si huge and unfair in my point of view. At least give better options or more influence on the class. Mace skills don't provide a real utility compared to the other weapon sets. Of course we could run other weapons, but at the moment taking shield offhand feels mandatory due being too good and providing very optimal CC source to survive. At the moment these are my main concerns. Again, the new elite is cool, has very nice animations and light effects but looks more just an Eye Candy for people than having an actual place in the game modes metas.
  9. No. Simple because you won't get better match quality. The solo Q could be just an excuse to blame the "others" for their incompetence, instead to face the truth :) Also, playing with a friend makes the entire experience of ranked more enjoyable, even if you go through a losing streak (at least for my experience). So duo Q should stay, regardless.
  10. In b4, Holo main here. And Yes, I will happily embrace the nerf to my favourite class when : Rev DPS (Damage per second) will be halved.Firebrand + Scourge Synergy will have its effectivness reduced.Rampage won't have a CC on every single skill.Scrapper Tankyness will be based on combos instead of mashing buttons.No class will have anymore oneshot combos.Then yes, nerf holo :3
  11. Stuck in a Eternal Colisseum Map, with this account and other people as well. Please help us!
  12. Thanks, please keep doing this.3 months is just too short as time-frame, but at least some actions are being done.
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